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  • On the inside of the battery door of your One For All remote control
  • On the back or bottom of your One For All product
  • On the front of every original One For All manual
  • On the original One For All packaging

Product catalog

  • URC7980 Smart Control 8
    URC 7980
    Smart Control 8
    8 devices
    • Combines 8 remotes into 1
    • Free setup app
    • Learning feature
    • Smart Activities
  • URC7945_main_website
    URC 7945
    Smart Streamer Remote
    5 devices
    • The Ultimate Universal Amazon Fire TV Remote
    • 3 Shortcuts to your favorite streaming apps
    • Full backlight for day and night readability
    • Free remote setup via My Nevo App
  • URC7130 Essence 3 Remote
    URC 7130
    Essence 3
    3 devices
    • Combines 3 remotes into 1
    • Easy setup
    • CombiControl Feature
    • Ultra wide angle - no exact pointing needed
  • URC7120 Essence 2 Remote
    URC 7120
    Essence 2
    2 devices
    • Combines 2 remotes into 1
    • Easy setup
    • Ultra wide angle
    • CombiControl feature
  • URC7110 Essence TV Remote
    URC 7110
    Essence TV
    1 device
    • Ideal replacement for your TV remote
    • Easy setup
    • Ultra wide angle
    • Compatible with all types of TVs
  • URC7935_main_new
    URC 7935
    Streamer Remote
    3 devices
    • Works with Streaming devices, TVs and Sound bars
    • Quick access to your favourite streaming services
    • Backlit keys
    • Learning function available


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