Terms of use

1. General

Any use of the website of Universal Electronics BV and its affiliated companies (also “We/ Us/ Our”) is subject to the terms of use  (“Terms”) hereunder. These Terms may be amended from time to time and complement other legal statements and terms listed on Our website. In order to meet legal obligations or due to security reasons we reserve the right to delete or move parts of content, or even to take our website offline.

By using this website you agree to comply with our Terms. Some pages on Our website allows you, or requests you to insert (personal) data about yourself or the device you are looking for. Please read our disclaimer and privacy policy carefully when inserting such (personal) data.

The website provides general information on the products that We sell to our customers. We provide you this information by showing general information in the form of text, image, video’s and logos. We are able to change the content at any given time.

2. Rights of Use

Our content may be protected by intellectual property rights, and We hereby provide you with a non-exclusive simple right to use the website to obtain information about Our company or Our products.  No other rights are granted. You are not allowed to use any content for downloads, to copy, distribute, lease, sell, reproduce or otherwise make available to third parties unless agreed upon with Us.

We are able to use any remarks, complaints and ideas that We receive from our customers to improve Our website or customer services.

3. Unlawful use

When using Our website, you may not infringe upon Our intellectual property rights, violate public decency and normal etiquette for online use, upload any content or try to get access to Our network by using a virus, Trojan horse, or any other (software) program which could damage IT systems and or our network. Do not transmit, store or upload hyperlinks or content to which you are not entitled, especially in cases where such hyperlinks or content are in breach of confidentiality obligations.

Our website and customer service desk does not appreciate the distribution of advertisement or unsolicited emails (spam) or inaccurate warnings of viruses, hoax emails or similar material, or solicit or request participation in a similar activity

4. Hyperlinks or  ‘Where to buy’ tool

The use of hyperlinks or the ‘Where to buy’ tool on Our website is your own responsibility. When you click these links you are connected to a different website that We have no control over. Accessing such other website by clicking on a hyperlink or ‘Where to buy’ tool is considered sole risk of the user. Should you believe that any of such hyperlinks are inaccurate or in violation of existing law, please let us know so we can follow up on this. 

5. Our responsibility

We will use reasonable care to be complete and accurate in our communication towards our customers and visitors of this website. We do not accept any liability in terms of accuracy, currency, correctness, completeness and rights or in relation to fitness for purpose is excluded except for cases involving willful or fraudulent misconduct.

6. General

These Terms are governed by Dutch law, and shall be applicable as of the 1st of November 2018.