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Stylish and innovatively designed for the optimal TV viewing experience. Completely safe and functional for total protection.

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Our mission is to bring ultimate home comfort to you and your family by putting you in control of your own home entertainment appliances, ensuring there is time to relax and enjoy life together. We do this by creating smart technology with the sole purpose of making life less complicated.
Optimal viewing experience wall mounts

Optimal viewing experience

At One For All we design reliable and versatile TV wall mounts using up-to-the- minute technology to ensure your TV is positioned perfectly in your home. Our wall mounts guarantee your television is at the right angle for optimal TV viewing, so you can enjoy watching your favorite program with your family in comfort.

Make the most of your space wall mounts

Make the most of your space

Our wall mounts have the freedom and flexibility to move up to 84” TVs to the perfect position in your room. Tilting, swiveling or rotating from 180° horizontal to 20° vertical with ease and precision. Ideal for corner mounting, which means no more straining necks or dealing with glare.

Complements your interior wall mounts

Complements your interior

Whether you wish to create a home cinema in your living room or have an extra TV in the corner of the kitchen, our design team have created well-thought-out TV wall mounts which are modern-looking, functional and compatible with all TV brands. Our smart engineering uses durable materials and features ultra-slim design, dual-arm technology and a click and release system.

Safeguarded Dutch design wall mounts

Safeguarded Dutch design

With innovational One For All engineering realised in the Netherlands, our experts produce high-quality brackets with a robust design and lifetime* warranty, for any type of LED, plasma or LCD TV. One For All wall mounts are thoroughly tested to ensure your TV is safely secured against the wall. Guaranteeing worry-free protection.



*Lifetime warranty on selected ranges and subject to country specific legislation. For detailed warranty information refer to individual product pages.

TV wall mounts

If you have just bought a brand-new television, you are probably now thinking about mounting it to a wall in your house. This is the best way to create the ultimate-entertainment space. Of course, to create this wonderful space, you need to find the right TV wall mount to ensure your precious television is safely and secure up against the wall. We at One For All have got you covered. At the One For All website you will find a variety of different types of TV mounts for you to choose from. If you have any trouble choosing the TV wall mount that best fits your needs, than read on! We will do our best to help you buying a new wall mount. We offer insight information and explain all of the characteristics of our wall mounts. This will help you choose precisely the right TV bracket for your television and home situation.

With more than 27 years of experience One For All is the market leader in the US and Europe. All of our TV wall mounts have been designed to ensure a sturdy support and are made from materials with the highest quality. Our wall mounts are also designed to be ultra-slim and to be light weighed. This guarantees you of an easy installation process! At One For All we simply strive to one goal: to create everyday home solutions that make your life a little easier.

Flat, Tilt, Turn

At the One For All website you will find a variety of TV wall mounts. Would you like your television screen to be fixed against the wall? Then one of our fixed TV wall mounts or flat screen wall mounts are the best solution for you. These are the best options if your television does not need to be turned in any direction and if you are looking for a super stylish finish. If you prefer your television to be angled or tilted a certain amount of degrees, you should view our tilting TV wall mounts. These mounts can be slightly angled—vertically up to 15°. Thanks to this you are now able to avoid annoying reflection and glistering sunlight. If these options are not what you are looking for, since you want to have limitless possibilities, you should take a look at our turning TV wall mounts. These mounts are also called swivel- or full-motion TV mounts and this has a reason! If you want limitless freedom of movement, you should choose one of these brackets. Would you like to know more about our turning TV mounts? Or more about one of our other models? Please read are blog about choosing the best wall mount.

Different types of walls

Before you should buy a wall mount, it is important that you find out from what materials your wall is made from. In other words, is it structural possible for you to drill holes in to the wall and is your wall strong enough to hold your TV wall mount brackets and television? For example, most televisions are too heavy to secure to a drywall. At One For All we therefore recommend that you fix your TV wall mount to the wall studs or dry-lined plasterboard walls. If this is not possible for you, than you should take a look at the other solutions we offer. At One For All we also offer no-drill solutions like are TV stands—these are a great alternative to TV mounts.


In order for you to pick the right flat screen TV wall mount, you need to know the VESA size of your television. In our VESA blogpost you can read all about the VESA standard and how you can find the VESA size on your television. It is immensely important that the VESA size of you television screen corresponds with the VESA size of your new TV wall mount—otherwise they simply will not fit together.

Different brands

The wall mounts that One For All offers are all compatible with all of the well-known television brands. For example, Samsung TV wall mounts, LG TV wall mounts, Sony TV wall mounts, Panasonic TV wall mounts or Philips TV wall mounts and of course, many more. As mentioned before, choosing the right TV mount, one that fits your television, all depends on the VESA size. It might be handy to now that the VESA size of you television screen can vary per brand (even if the size of the television screen is the same).

Different types of televisions

Currently, there are a lot of different types of televisions on the market. Think of LED, OLED, QLED or even a curved television screen. At One For All we offer TV mounts for all of these types. In short, it does not matter which type of television (or brand) you own, at the One For All website you will find a fitting TV mount. If you have any trouble finding the right one, please use our Wall Mount Wizard to help get you started. By using this selector you will be able to find the right TV mount for your home situation!

Other important factors

There are more things that you can do with your TV wall mount than that you might know. For example, if you own a soundbar, it is also possible to mount this underneath your wall-mounted television. At the One For All website you will find TV wall mount brackets that are especially designed for your soundbar. These brackets have a special arm on which you can place your soundbar. This means that you can create your own home-cinema with just one wall mount! Another handy little thing our wall mounts offer, is a dedicated cable management system. You do not longer have to worry about all of those cable laying around. By using this management system you can keep your cables well organized and create a sleek and tidy look.