VESA mounting standard

What is a VESA mounting standard?

When wanting to mount a TV to the wall with a TV wall mount it is hard to miss the term VESA. But what is VESA mount? The purpose of the VESA standard is to define the mounting measurements for flat displays like flat TVs and monitors. The mounting interface standard distance is the distance in mm between the four mounting holes on the back of a screen (measured horizontally x vertically). This standard has been adopted by most TV brands for TV wall mounts and wall mounting systems.

How can I find my VESA size?

To find the right size of VESA mount to your TV you can do two simple procedures.

  1. Look in your TV user manual.
  2. You can also measure it out yourself. Just measure the VESA pattern from hole to hole on the back of your TV

VESA mount sizes are always expressed in horizontal x vertical.

Below an example on how to measure the VESA size to mount your TV: 

Measuring VESA


The horizontal measurement of the distance between the holes is 400mm, the vertical distance between the holes is 300mm. This means that the VESA size of this TV will be 400x300,

On the One For All wall mount packaging you will always find which VESA wall mount size the wall mount has.

VESA on packaging


A range of One For All wall mounts for every VESA size

For every VESA size there are One For All wall mounts. Below we have linked all the different VESA sizes, so all you have to do is decide on which style and functionality you want your wall mount to have.


Universally adjustable VESA

Some of our TV wall mounts are universally adjustable in VESA size. This means that you can adjust the wall mounts horizontally and vertically to make it fit any VESA size it needs to fit. This makes it easy to make the wall mount fit any TV. And when switching TVs you won’t need a new wall mount, just adjust the VESA size of your universally adjustable wall mount to fit your new TV.

Find your universally adjustable VESA wall mounts:


VESA in summary

To sum up, VESA is a standard for the distance between holes on the back of your TV with which you mount your TV to a wall mount. The size is measured in mm and will always be measured horizontally x vertically.

Also be sure to check out our blog on how to wall mount a television in our step-by-step guide.


Find the right TV wall mount

With our wall mount selector, you can easily find the right wall mount to for your VESA mounting size. Just choose the function you want the wall mount to have, for example turn. Then click next and select the brand and size of your TV and which type it is, the wall mount selector will then generate the best choices for you.