Have you cut the cord yet?

Find out the easiest way to break free from cable and enjoy a whole summer of sports on TV

For years techies have been cutting the cord and enjoying the benefits of using a TV antenna. Now in 2021 it has finally become a real trend… for everyone. People are ditching their cable subscription and replacing it with a modern TV Antenna. The question is: have you taken the leap yet? And if not, what’s stopping you?

Why cut the cord?

The reason for making the switch used to be for financial reasons. It was well-known that cutting the cable cord and buying a TV Antenna was a cheaper option. However in recent times it is not just about money, but more about control. Control of what you watch. Why keep paying a monthly subscription to your cable or satellite provider and have dozens of channels that you don’t even watch? Then this is the time to take the bull by the horns and cut the cord! This is the time to enjoy access to TV that you actually want to watch using a One For All TV Antenna. Don’t forget the additional benefits of an antenna: a way to declutter your living room and being able to set up your TV anywhere in your home. 

SV9436 Red Dot

Cut the cord with style!

We designed this antenna with maximum reception performance in mind, compatible with DVB-T/T2 shows broadcast in up to 4K Ultra HD.

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How to make the change?

You may love the idea of cutting the cord and have been pondering about this for years, but just don’t know how to make the change. When you read blogs and how-to guides, it starts to get more and more complicated and you wonder whether paying your cable subscription is just an easier option. Don’t despair! We are here to help. You can cut the cord is just a few simple steps.

Just follow these rules:

  • Make sure your TV is at least HD compatible.
  • Get a new TV antenna. We have an extensive range of TV antennas at One For All including our award-winning amplified indoor TV antennas that will give you access to hundreds of television channels for free. Check out our wizard to find the perfect one for your home situation or view the range here.
  • Cancel your old subscription and say goodbye to cable forever.
  • Additionally you can sign up to a new streaming platform (or a number of services). For example, on-demand video services like Netflix and/or a bundle of live channels such as YouTube TV. View all the options here. Please note these services come with an additional cost.



Enjoy the summer of sports!

A beautifully designed antenna Capable of receiving all your favorite TV channels in 4K Ultra HD (DVB-T/T2). 

Explore this award-winning TV Antenna


Extra benefits this summer

Did you know that Euro2021 and the Olympics will now be available on terrestrial TV this summer? This means you can watch a whole summer of sports in the comfort of your own home or garden. Who is looking forward to grabbing a cold beer whilst watching your favourite national team play in June and July? Will you be cheering on Spain, Italy, England or France among others. We can’t wait to see some top-notch football action. Or are you keen on seeing who gets the gold, silver or bronze in the Olympics Games this July and August. Watching some of our old favourites athletes but also some of the fresh new talents. Why not sneakily place a second TV with antenna in your home office and keep up-to-date with your favourite Team whilst working from home (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone).

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

At One For All, we want to make your life easier and better. We hope that this blog has inspired you to take the leap and cut the cord once and for all. We know you will love the results and your new found freedom. Enjoy!