Contour 8
URC 1280

Contour 8

URC 1280
  • Control up to 8 devices
  • Easy setup
  • Learning feature
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Easily control your TV, Set Top Box (Sat/Cable/Freeview), DVD/Blu-ray player, Media Streamers, (IR) Game consoles, Soundbars and other Audio devices with this handy remote. 

Combines 8 remotes into 1

Reduce the clutter on your coffee table and consolidate the remotes of the following 8 device types into 1 remote control: TV, Cable / Satellite / DVB-T / Freeview, DVD / Blu-ray, VCR, Audio / Amplifier/ Home cinema set, Media Center / MP3, XBOX ONE / XBOX 360 and Aux. URC 1280 makes it easy and affordable to clean up the pile of remotes in your living room.

What exactly is a universal remote?

A universal remote is a remote control that operates TVs and/or audio and video devices of any brand. One For All invented the universal remote control decades ago for two purposes: replacing broken or lost remotes and to combine all TV remotes of a household into just one. The URC 1280 does both.

How does it work?

The One For All Contour 8 contains codes for controlling over 1500 brands of Audio/Video devices. You can try these using a simple 3 step process that takes only a few seconds, and you will usually find the right code in the first couple of tries. And from then on, your universal remote will function just like your originals, with the benefit of using just 1 remote!

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Specifications & details
Product code
URC 1280
DVD/Blu-ray player
Media player/ Home Theater PC/ Game Console
Streaming box (Apple TV, Roku, Kodi)
Video Cassette Recorder
2 x AAA (not incl.)
Teletext, Fasttext
Learnable / copy functions
SimpleSet - Setup in three simple steps