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General Information

For all 'Oneforall' websites (which are all owned by Universal Electronics BV located in Enschede) to work properly, we need to collect certain basic information from you as its visitor. To collect this information our site will create small text files known as ‘cookies’ and place them on your computer automatically. These cookies are designed to allow the website and the user of such cookies to recognize its users on subsequent visits, or for a particular purpose. In general cookies allow your experience of the Internet and our website much smoother, faster and more interactive. For example, they are used to remember your preferences on our website, your account and user ID and what you were clicking on or willing to purchase. In some cases, such cookies ensure that advertisement is then relevant to your website behavior. Although most data is used for statistical and analytical purposes, and therefore anonymous, some of the data can (indirectly) identify your computer and approximate geographical location and connect them to the website behavior as mentioned above.

Different cookies

We use our own cookies as well as third party cookies. Although we do not need consent for cookies that are strictly necessary for proper functioning of this website, we do wish that you actually understand what you agree to when you click the "AGREE" button. You will find the different cookies below:

From who



Storage limitation

Oneforall (Universal Electronics BV)











Cookies for cache website, and analytics/measurements internally. Also to show the cookie pop-up a cookie is placed and to allow switching between countries. 

only during visit.

only during visit

only during visit

only during visit

only during visit

only during visit

1 day

1 day

1 year

1 day






Cookies for Vimeo player and proper functioning

2 years








Cookie for proper functioning of paypall transaction

3 years

only during visit

only during visit

10 years

Only during visit

Only during visit




Cookie placed during website visit

1 month



Cookie placed during website visit

3 months

Microsoft Bing




Cookie placed during website visit

Only during visit

13 months

13 months

Google Analytics










All used to analyze website behavior and are placed after visit from Google site. Also used for advertisement.

1 day

1 minute

2 years

1 minute

1 minute

 6 months

13 months

20 years

26 days




Cookie to enable live chat.

1 year

1 year





Cookies placed with youtube video’s

Only during visit

8 months

8 months

A general distinction can be made between:

  • Functional cookies
    Such cookies are strictly necessary for the technical features of this website. We do not need consent to place such cookies on your computer, even if such cookies are from third parties (other than us).
  • Analytical cookies/ Performance cookies
    This type of cookie is used to analyze the use of our website in order for us to improve the quality and effectiveness of our website. We need your consent if the website works fine without a cookie but even better, faster and more focused on your behavior with a cookie.
  • Tracking cookies
    With this cookies we or a third party can ‘track’ your user trail so for example we will try to help you pick a product or provide relevant advertisement. These kinds of cookies need consent because the impact on your privacy is bigger, meaning we know more about you. 

Social media buttons

Our website contains social media buttons, such as Facebook and Youtube where you can find references to our products because we use such social media to promote our products. These websites also place cookies on your computer, but we do not control the use of such cookies. Please look at the cookie policy on the concerning websites for more information.

New developments

As you may understand, the content of this policy may change from time to time, because we change our website or because new legislation requires us to do so. We will try our best to inform you and refer to our policies at the bottom of our page but we do urge you to read these policies from time to time. This way you may always change your settings regarding cookies if a change is not acceptable for you.

Delete cookies

Because the use of cookies is based upon consent, you are at all times entitled to withdraw such consent. You may change your preferences through your browser settings. This website will work but probably a bit slower without cookies being placed.


We would like to help you out if you have a question. Please contact us at and we will help you as soon as we can to solve your problems.