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Optimal viewing experience wall mounts

Optimal viewing experience

At One For All we design reliable and versatile TV brackets using up-to-the- minute technology to ensure your TV is positioned perfectly in your home. Our wall brackets guarantee your television is at the right angle for optimal TV viewing, so you can enjoy watching your favourite programme with your family in comfort.

Make the most of your space wall mounts

Make the most of your space

Our brackets have the freedom and flexibility to move up to 84” TVs to the perfect position in your room. Tilting, swivelling or rotating from 180° horizontal to 20° vertical with ease and precision. Ideal for corner mounting, which means no more straining necks or dealing with glare.

Complements your interior wall mounts

Complements your interior

Whether you wish to create a home cinema in your living room or have an extra TV in the corner of the kitchen, our design team have created well-thought-out TV brackets which are modern-looking, functional and compatible with all TV brands. Our smart engineering uses durable materials and features ultra-slim design, dual-arm technology and a click and release system.

Safeguarded Dutch design wall mounts

Safeguarded Dutch design

With innovational One For All engineering realised in the Netherlands, our experts produce high-quality brackets with a robust design and lifetime* warranty, for any type of LED, plasma or LCD TV. One For All wall brackets are thoroughly tested to ensure your TV is safely secured against the wall. Guaranteeing worry-free protection.

*Lifetime warranty on selected ranges and subject to country specific legislation. For detailed warranty information refer to individual product pages

TV bracket

A Television bracket for you unique TV

You have probably bought a new TV and want to optimize your living space for a better TV viewing experience, so your next step is to find the best TV wall brackets that suit your home situation. One For All’s has a wide range of TV brackets (or even TV stands with brackets) to offer different options for every home. As there are several factors to keep in mind when buying a TV bracket, we have made a short check list to help you decide which one to buy.

A practical television wall mount made for your living space

First thing to look at, is the size of your TV screen. Make sure you choose a TV mounting bracket that is compatible with your screen size. Another important factor is the VESA standard (find out more about VESA in our blog). This VESA Interface Standard defines the distance in millimetres between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV (distance horizontally x distance vertically), once you have the screen size and VESA covered, it is important to ensure the TV wall bracket you choose offers sufficient weight capacity to support your TV screen.

These are the 3 initial factors to look at: screen size compatibility, VESA standard and weight capacity.

The perfect television brackets

The next step on your checklist is to decide where you will hang your TV on the wall.  Would you like your TV fixed against the wall at a minimum distance? Are you going for a modern sleek look to suit the style of your living room? Or you are thinking about placing your TV in a corner of the room to watch it from multiple angles? 

There are many different options when it comes to placing your TV in your living space. The One For All TV bracket range offers a wide choice from minimal wall distance and tilting possibilities to counteract reflections and TV wall brackets with 180° turning features offering total freedom to position your TV. Whatever you are looking for, we have it covered. Find out more about how to choose the best TV bracket in our blog.

Tilt your bracket up and down

One For All Wall mounts come with various ergonomic functions, some of our wall mounts allow you to tilt your TV up to (15°) forward or backward to counteract sunlight reflections or reflections coming from indoor lights, getting an ideal viewing position to achieve the best viewing comfort.

Turn your wall mount left and right

One For All Wall mounts in some models models also offer the swivel function up to (180°) Turn your wall mount left or right to achieve your ideal viewing experience.  Choose your One For All bracket from a range of Flat, tilt and swivel mounts to match your preference and bring a fresh touch to your interior.

Installing a TV wall mount has never been this easy

The wall mounts that One For All offers are all compatible with all of the well-known television brands. For example, Samsung TV wall mountsLG TV wall mountsSony TV wall mountsPanasonic TV wall mounts or Philips TV wall mounts and of course, many more. As mentioned before, choosing the right TV mount, one that fits your television, all depends on the VESA size. It might be handy to now that the VESA size of you television screen can vary per brand (even if the size of the television screen is the same).

Different types of televisions

Currently, there are a lot of different types of televisions on the market. Think of LED, OLED, QLED or even a curved television screen. At One For All we offer TV mounts for all of these types. In short, it does not matter which type of television (or brand) you own, at the One For All website you will find a fitting TV mount. If you have any trouble finding the right one, please use our Wall Mount Wizard to help get you started. By using this selector you will be able to find the right TV mount for your home situation!

Other general points to consider

Features like a cable management system, leveling after installation or anti-scratch padding are smartly integrated in most of our TV brackets. We make every detail count when it comes to offering a mounting solution. Would you like to attach your soundbar below your TV for a modern look? Then it would be wise to buy a tv wall bracket with shelf. These are the final details you need to think about before buying a new wall mount. 

One For All TV wall brackets are simple to install. Mounting materials such as screws, concrete anchors and spacers are delivered with the TV bracket for a straightforward setup. Additionally, you can download the free One For All Assistant app which features handy tools such as a spirit level and flash light, enabling a quick and easy installation.

Enjoy your new TV viewing experience! 

Frequently asked question about our TV wall mounts

Easily find all the answers to your questions with the help of our FAQ’s and Support pages.

How do I determine the correct size of TV bracket for my television?

When selecting a TV bracket make sure you base your choice on the VESA and weight compatibility primarily and use the screen size as an indication to help you find the right wall mount.

What are the safety considerations when installing TV wall mounts in homes with children?

The wall mount comes with all required mounting materials. The easy-to-read installation guide offers clear step-by-step instructions on how products should be installed. On top of this, there is the free Smartphone "One For All Assistant" App full of supportive tools for installation. 

Can a television wall mount be adjusted for different viewing angles?

Have the comfort of adjusting the angle of your TV up to 180° horizontally and up to 15° vertically. With the One For All versatile TV wall brackets you are able to retract, tilt and swivel your TV while maintaining a clean and modern look in your living room. Thanks to the adjustment angle the TV brackets are not just a perfect match for your living room, also for your kitchen and bedrooms.

How much weight can TV wall mounts support?

One For All television brackets are available in a selection of lines, SOLID, Ultra Slim, Dynamic and Smart line, each line offers different support depending on your needs. One For All TV wall mounts bring a variety of choices with your comfort in mind, from large and heavy TV's to smaller and lighter screens you can always find a bracket that will meet your requirements.

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