App Shortcut Feature

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App Shortcut Feature

The Smart Control features 4 App Shortcut keys for viewing streamed content. If your original remote control already had a key for this - for example many Roku streamers will have a Netflix and Amazon key - then this key will perform exactly the same as the key on your original remote. 

If your steamer supports these keys, they will function as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu (US Only) and YouTube.

However if you did not have a key like this, you can use this key as a shortcut to a streaming app by programming a macro on it. You can set a macro to any service supported by an app on your streaming device. So if you would prefer BBC iPlayer or Plex, no problem.

To program the macro, you first need to know the sequence of keys you need to press to always bring up the service you prefer, For example on an Apple TV, the sequence is Back (or Home), Menu Down and OK.

Once you have determined the sequence for your device, follow these steps:


1. Sit in front of your device with It switched on (not on standby)

2. Hold down the App Shortcut key (for example the “N” key) until the LED blinks twice

3. Now perform the sequence of keys exactly as would normally. The remote will operate your device and the macro is recorded in real time - so if it normally takes a few seconds for your device to react don’t worry.

4. One you have finished the sequence - and the Streaming Service has started on your device - hold down the App Shortcut key until the LED blinks green twice and goes out. The macro is now stored.


• Make sure the Streamer Is operating the device in question before programming

• If you find the Macro doesn’t work as expected, you can just repeat the same sequence to reprogram

• When programming, wait for your device to respond first, the remote will remember the timing

Streamer App Shortcut Feature
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