One For All's green strategy

Creating a sustainable future

As the number one manufacturer of home entertainment appliances, we understand the impact our products make to the environment. As such we commit ourselves to continuously review and improve the environmental footprint that our products, our production, and our supply chain activities leave behind.

One For All® is the consumer brand of Universal Electronics Inc., the world leader in wireless control solutions. Since 1986 we have introduced the user-friendliest products to the market in our role as a technology partner to the major players and brands in the home entertainment industry. 

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Green background

Choose green products Choose green power

At One For All we believe that a successful company displays excellence and integrity not only in the products it makes but in how it conducts itself every day. As the leading global manufacturer of home entertainment appliances we have developed a set of best practices to contribute to a sustainable future.


Our green packaging

We have specially designed new environment-friendly packaging for most of our products using 100% recyclable paper and pulp trays. We have used just a minimal amount of protective film to protect some of our delicate products.

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Award winning packaging

One For All is proud of the packaging Innovations Award we recently won in 2022. Our team redesigned the packaging to zero plastic keeping the same level of presentation and protection as the previous generation. We will continue with initiating new Green projects to reduce our footprint.