URC8800, URC8810: What is the difference between the Tablet Remote and the Smart Zapper?

There are only three main differences between these two devices, in terms of connectivity*, hardware, and power supply.
*With different forms of connectivity come different requirements for your smartphone or tablet

Tablet Remote (URC 8800)

  • Connectivity: Via a wireless network
  • Hardware: Can also function as a wireless access point
  • Power Supply: Mains switching power supply (5V, 0.6A)

Smart Zapper (URC 8810)

  • Connectivity: Via Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Hardware: Has 9 hard keys for quick access to your devices
  • Power Supply: Batteries, 2xAA
Other functionalities are the same with both devices. Please review the FAQs concerning compatibility to check which device is most suitable for you.