URC8800, URC8810: How can I enter a four-digit universal code directly into the Nevo App?

If you know your setup code, you can enter this code as following:

  1. Press on the Settings on the upper right corner - 5 choices will appear. 
  2. Press ADD DEVICE, the screen will change to "What type of device do you want to add?" 
  3. Press your corresponding device type , the screen will change to "What is the brand of your device type?" 
  4. Press Other Brands, either scroll or search on the make by typing the name of the device. 
  5. After you find the name of your brand, press on the name and the screen will change. 
  6. On the bottom it will say "Enter Direct Setup Code", please press it once. 
  7. You can now set up the device code.