URC8602, URC8603, URC8610, URC8620: Is the Xsight remote control (EZ-RC) still supported?

EZ-RC has reached its end-of-life so we don't offer extended service for the Xsight remotes.

One For All launched its EZ-RC service for the Xsight series of remotes almost ten years ago, back in 2008. This web-based service has been updated many times to reflect the changing nature of the internet. However due to a rapidly declining customer base and the increased complexity of support modern browser technology, coupled with the fact that no Xsight remotes have been sold by One For All for a number of years, it has unfortunately become necessary to end support for these products and retire the EZ-RC web service.

In the event that you have just purchased an Xsight remote we recommend to take it back to the shop and ask for a refund. If your remote still within warranty we can exchange it for free for another model (the URC7955 Smart Control 5) upon presentation of a valid proof of purchase.

Please note that you can still use your Xsight remote as long as you do not need to program new devices/activities etc.

The X-sight Remote will still work if should you want to add/change a device; this is possible as long as the code is in the memory of the X-sight. If it is not in the memory, you can still learn all the keys. If you would like the learning method please let us know the exact model of the Xsight you own or you can read it in the user manual if you still have it.