URC7960, URC7962, URC7965: How can I learn a missing function on my Smart Control using the original remote control?

To use the Learning feature, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Hold the Magic key until the ring blinks  twice.
  2. Enter code 975 (the ring will blink twice).
  3. Using the left or right arrow, select the relevant device key.
  4. Press the key on the One For All where you would like to place the learned function - the device key will flash rapidly.
  5. Press and hold the key on the original remote control that you wish to learn until the device key on the One For All blinks twice.
  6. Press and hold the MAGIC key to store the learned function until the ring blinks twice.

Additional Information:

  • It is possible to learn up to 200 functions on this remote.
  • If you wish to learn more functions within the same mode, simply repeat steps 4 and 5. If you would like to continue learning but in a different device mode please repeat from step 3 until 5. When you have finished learning all of the required functions, press and hold MAGIC to store.
  • It is possible to learn onto an empty device mode. The functions from this learned only device mode can also be used in Macros and Volume lock.
  • One long blink indicates the remote did not capture the signal correctly.
  • Two long blinks indicate the memory is full.

If learning didn’t work, please click here for more information.