URC7880: How can I pair the Smart remote control with the OFA Setup App?

Please follow the steps below to pair the One For All remote control with the OFA Setup App:

  1. Open the One For All Setup App
  2. Point the remote control towards the screen of your smart phone
  3. Hold down the DEVICES and ACTIVITY keys on the Smart remote control for 6 seconds until the TV LED starts blinking
  4. Once paired the message “Connected to OFA Smart Control’’ will be displayed on your screen. Now you can go further programming your remote control via the App by selecting ‘’Get Remote Settings’’
Note that the remote control may take a few seconds to connect to the App.

In case you have pairing issues, please read the instructions below:

  1. Make sure your smartphone has Bluetooth enabled and that it is Bluetooth Smart Ready (low power consumption).
  2. Make sure that the Smart Control has new and working batteries.
  3. In the event that the app is not displayed in the right way or if it does not work properly, please delete the App from the smartphone and download it again.