URC6430, URC6440: Can I send a sequence of commands (macro) from the press of one button?

Yes, your Simple remote control is capable of creating Macros.
You can program your remote to issue a sequence of commands at the press of one button. For example; you may want to turn off your TV, DVD and Satellite at the same time.
To use the Macro feature, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Press and hold the SETUP key until the light blinks twice.
  2. Press the relevant Device key where the macro will be stored.
  3. Enter the code 995.
  4. Press the relevant key where the Macro will be stored.
  5. Enter the sequence of keys that you would like to be issued.
  6. Press and hold the SETUP key to store the Macro. The light will blink twice to confirm.

Additional Information:

  • Macros cannot be programmed onto the Device keys.
  • If Macros are programmed on the WTV or WM key, that key will still function after the Macro sequence has been issued.
  • An Activity key cannot form part of a Macro, in such case the LED will display a long blink and exit programming mode.
  • A macro is not mode specific; it can be issued from every device mode.