URC1035: How can I setup my A/C Remote via the 4 digit setup code procedure?

If your brand is not one of the 10 listed in the Auto Search section, checked the
included code list and locate your brand there. To test the codes listed:

1. Press and keep holding SETUP key for 2s.
2. In the CODE display, the last digit will flashes on screen.
3. Use the Left and Right keys to select a digit, and the Up and Down keys to change it until the 4 digits match the first code in the list
4. Press the ON/OFF key to test the code
5. If your a/c unit reacts, press SETUP to store the code.
6. If not, try again with the next code in the list.
7. You can exit this mode by pressing the CANCEL button
8. Once you have found the code that works correctly, please write it down for future reference.