SV1760: I cannot control the HDMI source, using a remote control, what do I do?

  1. Make sure to use the remote control of the video source.
  2. Alternatively make sure that the IR emitter (see manual for especification) is connected in the back of the transmitter and that the probe is situated in front of the source device. Make sure that the IR receiver is connected in the back of the receiver. The distance between this IR receiver and your remote control should be between 30cm and 5m.  
  3. Also make sure to aim the remote control directly at the IR receiver unit and ensure that there are no obstacles in between. Also ensure that there is no other wireless device (wireless headphones, speakers) interfering with the remote control.
  4. The IR extender function works with all remotes which operate with 30-60kHz frequency. Please check your original remote to see if it is compatible.