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Headphones support

Tips & tricks for optimal TV listening

Support on headphones

Find help for any issue you may have with your headphones. This section offers immediate help.

Find your product for detailed support information like: manuals, FAQs and videos.


Most viewed FAQs

  • How long will the batteries last? You can listen continuously for 12 hours on a full set of batteries. Read more
  • I hear sound directly from the speakers as well as the headphones. What can I do? Please check if the transmitter is plugged into the right input (headphones input or audio input). This can differ per device. Read more
  • Which channel should I choose? It does not matter which channel is chosen, as long as both the transmitter and the headphones use the same channel. Should you experience interference (bad sound quality); you can switch to another channel. Read more
  • The headphones are beeping, what does this mean? This means that the charge of the batteries is low, please recharge or replace with new ones. Read more
  • Can I replace the batteries from the rechargeable wireless stethoscope TV headset? Yes, you can replace them with other Li-on batteries. Read more
  • Can I watch TV with the headset, while other people in the room watch TV with regular sound? Yes you can. Normally, the headphone input of the TV will mute the sound and the audio input will not mute the sound. This can differ per device. Please check if the transmitter/charging station is plugged into the right input. Read more
  • How long will it take to recharge the batteries? It will take approximately 3 hours for the batteries to fully recharge. Read more
  • What does the microphone from the stethoscope TV headset do? The microphone is a hearing aid and can amplify sound around you, e.g. conversations of others. Read more
  • Can I replace the batteries of the TV headphones? Yes, you can replace the batteries with other rechargeable batteries. We strongly advise not to replace them with non-rechargeable batteries; this may cause short-circuit or fire when placed on the charger. Read more
  • I do not hear any sound on my TV headphones, what do I do? There are a number of reasons why there is no sound on your headphones: 
    • It could be that you are not in line of sight with the transmitter/charging station and the headphones have turned OFF. Place the headphones within 100 meters line of sight (about 30-40 meters if including walls) with the transmitter and turn it ON again. 
    • The batteries could be empty; recharge your batteries by placing the headphone on the charging station. 
    • Your headphones are not on the same channel as your transmitter/charging station; check the station and the headphones and make sure they are on the same channel. 
    • The volume of the device you are listening to (the device that is connected to the transmitter) is too low or muted. 
    • The volume of the headphones is too low or muted.
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