Big button remotes

  • URC6820 Zapper+ Remote
    URC 6820
    3 devices
    • Combines 3 remotes into 1
    • Easy setup
    • Large Black and White keys
    • Learning Feature
  • URC6810 Zapper TV Remote
    URC 6810
    TV Zapper
    3 devices
    • Combines 3 remotes into 1
    • Easy setup
    • Large Black and White keys
    • Simple lay-out

Big button remote

Today’s mainstream TV remotes are designed for technological and design purposes. It is all about the different functions of the remote and a sleek, stylish and modern design. These TV remotes are perfect for most people, but for the elderly or visually impaired people, these “fancy” and often “small” remotes are definitely not ideal. For these people, it is difficult to recognise which of the countless keys they should press. Also, you often have a different remote control for each electronic device—this makes it even harder for elderly to understand and handle the control. Simply having multiple remote controls and having to puzzle with those little buttons, is just too much of a hassle for the elderly and visually impaired or for people with visual challenges. 

We at One For All, understand this problem all too well and have therefore created a solution: our big button remote control for elderly. All of the remote controls of the big button product range obtain, as the name states, big buttons. The keys are many times larger than those of a regular remote control. Also, redundant buttons have been omitted and/or are designed in certain shapes so that they are less likely to be lost. All of this makes our big button remote controls easy to operate for the older generation or for the visually impaired. Are you curious which large button TV remotes we have to offer? Take a look at all of our big button remote controls in our product range. 

Characteristics and controls of a big button remote from One For All

The characteristics of our big button remote controls can be summed up within one sentence: no unnecessary fuss which is difficult to understand. Our big button TV remotes only feature the keys you need. They are ergonomically designed which ensures a comfortable grip and stability on the table. Some of our big button remote controls even come with an additional wrist strap. Most of our big button TV remotes are also shock-proof thanks to their rubberised surround. So, even if the remote control slips out of your hand, you do not have to worry about it being damaged. 

In the wide arrangement of One For All, you will find a few different large button remote controls. We have highlighted a few of them underneath. All of these remotes have big buttons and are easy to use. The remote controls are compatible for TV, LCD, LED, OLED, QLED and Plasma for all popular TV brands.

  • Simple TV – This remote has an ergonomic design, has shock-proofing and it is really easy to use. All of these features make the Simple TV remote a real family remote and a remote suited for elderly and visually impaired people. The universal remote is the ultimate big button remote control and is the ideal digital TV replacement remote control.
  • Simple 2 – The Simple 2 remote is perfect for you if you wish to control all your equipment without switching between device modes. You can now control your TV and Set Top Box as if they were one. No more switching between different remotes.
  • TV Zapper – This remotes works for everyone who wants to simplify control of complex devices. The TV Zapper only features the keys you need. It is ergonomically designed, has a comfortable grip and stability on your table. It also comes with an additional wrist strap.
  • Zapper + - The Zapper + remote offers the most convenient way to watch TV. The remote control only features the keys you need and are in black and white. For optimal navigation, the black and white keys are large, easily indicating which device is being controlled. 

Even though some of our big button TV remote controls obtain different features, the installation process of the remotes is always the same. To create a setup process that is really easy, we have created a 30 seconds setup process. This “SimpleSet” feature allows you to install the big button remote with just a few button presses. 

Choose the best big button remote control now at the One For All website

At One For All we strive to bring the ultimate home comfort to you and your family. We are committed to making your life easier by creating products that enhance your television-viewing-experience, and our big button TV remote controls are one of them.

Choose your favourite big button remote on the One For All website and start with the ordering process! Are you having trouble choosing the right remote control—the one that best fits your needs? You can use our Remote Wizard for some guidance. Regardless which remote control you choose, whether it be one of our universal remotes or replacement remotes, your television-viewing-life just got a little easier!