Signal boosters

  • SV9604_main_small
    SV 9604
    £ 15.99
    TV Signal Booster 4 Way
    • Boost your signal with 23dB
    • Plug & Play
    • 3G/4G/LTE Filter
    • 1 input / 4 outputs
  • SV9602 Signal Booster
    SV 9602
    £ 13.99
    TV Signal Booster 2 Way
    • Boost your signal with 23dB
    • Plug & Play
    • 3G/4G/LTE Filter
    • 1 input / 2 outputs
  • SV9601 Signal Booster
    SV 9601
    £ 10.99
    TV Signal Booster 1 Way
    • Boost your signal with 23dB
    • Plug & Play
    • 3G/4G/LTE Filter
    • 1 input / 1 outputs

TV aerial booster

Nowadays, most people own multiple electronic devices, such as televisions and radios, which are all connected to the same TV antenna. For example, you probably own multiple television sets in your home. Perhaps one television in the living room? One in the bedroom? And maybe even one in the kitchen or playroom? Connecting all of these television screens to only one TV antenna could result in some signal loss. Not only connecting multiple devices to one antenna is a cause of weak signals, but also other causes like splitters, wall sockets and coaxial cables that are too long are dampening the signal. To prevent these kinds of connection problems in the future, you should install an aerial signal booster from One For All. With a TV aerial booster—also known as a coax amplifier or antenna booster—from One For All you can watch television in the very best quality on all of your televisions without any problems. 

At One For All we strive to give you the best-television-viewing-experience as possible. The TV aerial boosters that we offer are the perfect example of this. No one likes a poor image quality or getting a faulty reception when watching TV. So, get rid of your snowy-quality and enhance your television-experience once and for all with our TV signal boosters. With over 27 years of experience we know how to create user-friendly products that create the ultimate-viewing-experience. Simply put, with a television signal booster from One For All you are guaranteed with the best reception as possible.  

Why choose a TV aerial booster?

In most cases, installing a high-quality TV aerial is often not enough to get a reliable signal reception. Depending on the surface of your house, the number of connected devices and the signal quality that your TV antenna receives, it may be necessary to install a booster or amplifier. 

A TV aerial signal booster is also recommended if you want to connect multiple televisions to one existing signal. If you already own multiple televisions, which are connected to the same antenna, you probably have used coaxial cables, splitters and multiple wall sockets. Unfortunately, all of these attributes muffle the television signal—there is no component that does not mute the signal. To make sure that all of your televisions get the best signal reception as possible, you should install a TV aerial booster from One For All. Our aerial boosters distribute the television signal evenly over all receivers (such as TVs). The amplifiers are also useful if you want the signal amplified so you can use longer coaxing cables and more splitters so that you can connect even more televisions. 

Characteristics of a digital TV signal booster from One For All

One For All offers a wide range of TV aerial boosters that all have different features and functions. Even though our TV antenna signal boosters are different in most aspects, there are a few characteristics that all of our amplifiers obtain:

  • Signal boost with 23 dB – Our signal boosters are designed to boost your TV and radio reception in poor signal areas by 23 dB. The signal boosters ensure that you have the maximum number of channels to choose from.
  • Plug & Play – The One For All signal boosters all use the same installation process: Plug & Play. This process could not be any easier. You simply connect the TV booster to a wall socket and within a few seconds you can enjoy crystal clear reception from your TV or radio.
  • 3G/4G/LTE filter – To make sure that there is no interference from smartphones, tablets or transmitters, our TV boosters own a build in 3G/4G/LTE block-filter. This way your TV or set-top box (ST B) is well protected and you will receive the best television signal possible.

Different types of signal boosters from One For All

Before purchasing a TV signal booster, it is important to know how many devices you would like to connect to your main TV antenna. At One For All we offer three kinds of signal boosters, each with a different input or output:

  1. TV Signal Booster 4 Way – This satellite signal booster is the one you should choose if you want to connect your main TV antenna to four different electronic devices.
  2. TV Signal Booster 2 Way – This signal booster has one input and two outputs. You can use this booster if you wish to connect two televisions to the same signal.
  3. TV Signal Booster 1 Way – Our 1 Way Signal Booster obtains one input and one output. This means that you can boost the signal strength of one television up to 23 dB. 

What is important to know for when choosing a TV aerial booster?

It is important that you know how much impedance a signal booster gives and also how much it amplifies (in dB). Since not every coaxial cable is the same length and each splitter and wall socket interferes with the signal strength, you will need different amounts of amplification. To find out which amplifier is best suitable for your cables, you can use one of our special calculations. The signal from a cable is expressed in decibels (dB) and with these decibels you can calculate how much signal strength you lose with each cable. In general, there is a signal loss of 1 dB per 5 metres of cable. So, a cable of 10 metres needs 2 dB gain and a cable of 20 metres needs 4 dB gain. It is also important that your aerial booster does not provide too much gain—this can cause interference due to a too high voltage. It is best to choose an adjustable amplifier, so that you can select the right signal amplification exactly.

It is also important that you know that an antenna booster is not always the best solution. If the main signal of your TV antenna is weak (e.g. it receives a weak signal), the amplifier will only enhance these weak signals. This results in you owning multiple televisions which all receive a poor signal strength and therefore does not resolve the core problem. If your main antenna receives a weak signal, then a new TV aerial could be the solution. You can also refer to our Tips & Tricks page to see if you can boost the reception quality of your current aerial.

Choose your new TV signal booster now at the One For All website

Did you find the signal booster that suits your coaxing cables and electronic devices? Are you all set to complete the ordering process and finally get the television-experience you have always wanted? Then the only thing for you left to do, is to complete the online purchase itself. Once you have picked the right TV aerial booster, you will be redirected to one of our retailers’ websites. There you can follow the steps accordingly and order your new booster.

If you find yourself having any troubles when choosing the right TV signal booster, you can contact us directly. You can contact us by using our online form on the One For All website. We strive to give you a fitting answer within two workdays. You can also take a look at our FAQ page to find the answer that you are looking for.