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Remote controls

Smart, reliable and fully compatible, ideal for operating all your home entertainment devices.

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TV brackets

Ingeniously designed and intelligently engineered to enhance your TV viewing experience. 

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TV Stands

Innovative and beautifully designed, blending into any home décor.

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TV Aerials

Modern and stylish, brandishing the latest technology to guarantee optimal TV reception.

Meaningful solutions for everyday use

Our mission is to bring ultimate home comfort to you and your family by putting you in control of your own home entertainment appliances, ensuring there is time to relax and enjoy life together. We do this by creating smart technology with the sole purpose of making life less complicated.

Discover our House Stories
A space designed to connect with our community, share, enjoy and get inspired by people around the world using our products.
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Award-winning TV Stands
Contemporary interior design pieces which are flexible, practical and fit any modern living room. Easy no-drill installation in minutes.
TV Stands
A beautifully designed aerial
Our newest Indoor Aerial, distinguished with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. A modern and stylish aerial for crystal clear TV reception that fits any interior.
Discover Indoor TV Aerial
Smart, smarter, smartest
Smart Control 5 – discover the next generation remote control that single-handedly controls 5 devices in your home at once.
Smart control 5

One For All

Curious about who we are, why we do what we do and what our solutions can do for you? We will tell you all about this in a series of blog posts.