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    Smart Streamer Remote
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    • The Ultimate Universal Amazon Fire TV Remote
    • 3 Shortcuts to your favorite streaming apps
    • Full backlight for day and night readability
    • Free remote setup via My Nevo App

Smart TV remote

If you own a smart television set and are tired of all those remote controls lying around, then a universal smart TV remote control is the perfect solution.

With a smart TV remote you can control your television, home theater, Blu-ray player, DVD player and much more. In addition, smart remotes from One For All have a number of useful functions to create the optimal television viewing experience.

We offer a wide range of universal and replacement remote controls that work with all models from different brands including LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Philips and many more. Our smart TV remote controls conveniently connect up to eight devices in your home. In short, our remotes are stylish, smart, functional and reliable.

One For All smart TV remote control features

One For All’s smart TV remote controls can perform the same functions of almost all other remote controls to control your television, audio equipment, game consoles and streaming devices with one single remote. Not only are One For All remotes easy to install, but they reduce remote control clutter. If you have lost a remote control and can’t find a replacement, a smart remote can offer a perfect solution.

There are a few special features of universal remotes from One For All.

  • Activity Keys enable you to perform activities like ‘listen to music’, ‘watch TV’ or ‘play game’ with a custom button on the remote.
  • Macro Programs allow you to run a sequence of commands with one press of a button. With just one touch of a button you can return to your favorite television program or you can switch off all the equipment when you go to bed.

These are just a few features of our smart remotes that will enhance your experience. Learn more about our smart TV remotes in our blogpost.

Installing a smart TV control

At One For All we offer a wide range of universal remotes. Regardless of which smart TV remote control you choose, you can easily install it in one of two ways: by using our SimpleSet feature or our free mobile app.

By following our SimpleSet method you can manually enter the product codes of each device you wish to connect to the universal smart TV remote. If you have trouble finding the right product codes, visit our support pages. When you have the right setup codes, follow these three steps:

  1. Press the MAGIC key on your smart remote.
  2. Select the device you wish to connect your universal remote to.
  3. Finally, hold down the digit key to set up for your brand and device. As soon as the device turns off, you have to release the key and the LED on the remote will blink twice.

At One For All our mission is to bring ultimate home comfort to you and your family. Whether you are searching for a replacement remote or a new one, you can find a remote that fits your needs on our website.