TV Stands

Contemporary interior design pieces which are flexible, practical and fit any modern living room. Easy no-drill installation in minutes.

Looking for the right TV stand?

Meaningful solutions for everyday use

Our mission is to bring ultimate home comfort to you and your family by putting you in control of your own home entertainment appliances, ensuring there is time to relax and enjoy life together. We do this by creating smart technology with the sole purpose of making life less complicated.
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Handy flexibility

We design TV stands to be as unique as your prize possession - your TV.  We believe a stand should not be a necessity, but a well-thought out piece of interior design furniture which has the flexibility to be positioned anywhere in your home. Even when you fancy a change!


Built with purpose

Designed in the Netherlands, our top-notch 360° swivel stands with height adjustment features are built with design and purpose in mind. We want a TV stand to do its job properly and ensure you always have the right angle for the best TV viewing experience avoiding any unwanted glare.

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Any TV, any brand

Like all our unique products, our adjustable TV stands are built to be universal. Our stands work with every type of smart TV and brand on the market. It’s our mission to deliver practical and everyday solutions which suit your home situation perfectly.

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Part of the furniture

It’s the little things in life that matter. That’s why we are meticulous about the finer details – even in our TV stands. We design to save space by creating a clean and minimalistic look which complements any stylish interior. Using only the finest materials, we guarantee a top of the range TV floor stand that really becomes part of the furniture!

TV stand

Do you want to achieve a clean and modern, organized look for your living room? Would you also like to have all of your AV-devices stores in one spot with no loose wires? Then, a TV stand form One For All is a great solution for you! At One For All we offer a wide range of TV stands that are designed to fulfil your every need. We offer TV stands with wooden to sturdy designs—and we even offer fixed and swivel stands and even practical desktop TV stands with handy shelving to help you maximize your space.

Positioning your television to the right height ensures the ultimate comfort and the best-possible-viewing-experience. This is the reason that most of our TV stands are designed with height adjustability. A number of our products are available with mounts, so you can place your television on your wall along with shelves for you electronic devices. This is a great solution for maximizing your space—it is especially handy when living in a small apartment with a smaller living room. 

No matter which type of TV stand you choose—whether it is a wall mount TV stand or a TV monitor stand (table top)—you will be adding a sleek piece of furniture to your living space. Plus, you can even store all of your entertainment devices such as a soundbar or STB (cable box) in the stand. This means that all of your electronic devices are neatly in one spot!

Important factors to consider when buying a TV stand

There are some factors that you should consider when buying a TV stand for your home. We have listed a few key factors below to help get you going:

  • Compatibility
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Adjustability features

Make sure you choose the correct TV stand to suit your devices

When buying a TV stand for a wall mounted TV, screen size compatibility is not the only aspect to consider. Of course, this would be the first thing to think about, but it is also important to keep in mind other specifications like weight and VESA size. Please ensure your TV monitor stand offers sufficient weight capacity to support your television screen.

Life could not be easier!

Besides being extremely easy to self-assemble in a matter of minutes, all of our TV stands come with fixing materials included for a hassle-free installation. No matter which one you choose, enjoy our practical mounting solutions for a unique viewing experience together with the whole family!