Full-motion TV Wall Mount
WM 5661
WM5661 Main image
100"Max screen size

Full-motion TV Wall Mount

WM 5661
  • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
  • Full-Motion: Swivel 180° and Tilt 15°
  • Supports up to 70kg - 154Lbs
  • Mounting materials included
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Experience the strength of Dynamic.

Discover the Dynamic Line, specifically designed for bigger and heavier televisions ensuring optimal support of your TV. Experience the smart engineering and high quality of the Dynamic wall mounts made with durable materials. 

WM5661 Positioning

Total freedom in positioning your TV!

Easily adjust your One For All TV bracket by turning it up to 180° and up to 15° forward or backward to counteract sunlight reflections or reflections coming from indoor lights, and create the ideal TV viewing experience.

MW5661 Wall distance

Extreme Wall distance

The dual arm construction allows a uniquely high maximum wall distance of 705mm (27.7"). The minimum wall distance of 65mm (2.55") is just as impressive. 

WM5661 Weight

Design for big and heavy Television

This modern wall mount will hold an TV weighting up to 70kg - 154Lbs. The adjustable Tilt system prevents unwanted tilting.

WM5661 Anti-scratch padding

Anti-scratch padding

The arms that your TV is attached to feature soft padding to protect the TV while connected.

WM5650 Ideal for adjoining rooms

Ideal for corners & Adjoining rooms

The dual-arm technology makes this wall mount the ideal solution for mounting your TV in a corner or to watch TV from an adjoining room.

WM5661 Cable management

Keep an uncluttered look

The integrated cable management system ensures tidy organisation of your cables keeping an uncluttered look.

WM5661 Stud walls

For metal and wood stud walls

No matter if your wall is made of wood or metal, you can always use this One For All Wall mount to install your TV,

WM5661 Mounting materials

Mounting materials included

All mounting materials such as screws, fischer plugs, concrete anchors and spacers are delivered with the wall mount for a quick and straightforward setup.

10 year guarantee

10 year guaranteeing worry-free protection

With innovational One For All engineering, our experts produce high-quality brackets with a modern design and a 10 year warranty for any type of TVs. The Dynamic wall mounts are thoroughly tested to ensure your TV is safely secured against the wall. 

Specifications & details
Product code
WM 5661
Screen size
42-100”/ 107-256cm
VESA Sizes
Turn 180°
Left / Right Turn Degrees
Up / Down Tilt Degrees
Min Wall distance
65 mm - 2.55 inch
Max Wall distance
750 mm - 29.52 inch
Anti-scratch padding
Levelling after installation system
Cable Management
Mounting Materials Included