Amplified Bar HDTV Indoor Antenna

Amplified Bar HDTV Indoor Antenna

  • Enjoy free 1080p and 4K broadcast TV
  • Signal Level Indicator
  • 3G/4G/5G Filter
  • 4K Ultra HD Compatible
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Cut the cord! No need to pay expensive cable fees

Get the best reception possible of Free digital over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts and enjoy a wide variety of free channels such as news, sports, comedy, kids and many more! This modern antenna has a reception range of 60 miles.


Enjoy free 1080p and 4K broadcast TV*

No need to pay expensive cable fees, enjoy a wide variety of free channels* such as news, sports, comedy, kids and many more!

This modern antenna supports ATSC 3.0


Signal Level Indicator

Indicator lights on the antenna show you when it is positioned correctly, helping you to get the most available channels.

Additionally, the Smart Amp feature optimize signal strength helping to improve your picture quality.


Signal interference protection

3G/4G/5G/LTE Filter helps to block unwanted signals in order to get the most channels possible in your area.


Innovation in design

Following a modern yet practical design, this stylish antenna smoothly incorporates trendy fabric elements which blend into any interior.


Multi-directional reception

No need to point the antenna in any particular direction. Its multi-directional technology helps with the reception of more channels, avoiding blind spots.

Channel scan USA V2

Make sure you re-scan for channels

Don't forget to do a channel scan on your TV or Set-Top-Box after connecting your antenna to see what channels you will be able to receive. Please note that each time you re-position the antenna, you must perform a channel scan. 

In case of questions about installation or improving channel coverage, please call the One For All support line at 855-823-3422


Download the free Assistant app

A free app is available to easily set up your antenna finding the best placement to get your favorite channels. This innovative AR app will guide you through every step to install your One For All antenna.      

The app highlights NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) channels and capable transmitters to make sure you can enjoy this new enhanced TV technology*.

Get it on Google Play or download on the App store

Click here for more information on NextGen TV.

*Reception quality and the numbers of channels received are dependent on multiple factors like distance from TV broadcast tower, broadcast power, line of sight, terrain, metal construction materials and other environmental factors. Availability of NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) may vary per state/county, please check with your local broadcaster for availability in your area.

Specifications & details
Product code
Antenna Type
Digital Quality
4K Ultra HD
Distance to Transmitter US (mi)
0 - 60 miles
Signal Clear Technology
Signal Level Indicator
Power indicator (LED)
3G/4G/5G Filter
Active noise filter
Mountable to wall / roof
Coaxial cable (meters/feet)
1.8 / 5.9