Universal TV bracket

Universal TV bracket

If you are a proud television-owner, you probably want to create the best television-viewing-experience as possible. Do you wish to create this ultimate television setting in your own living room, kitchen or bedroom? Then, one of the universal TV brackets from One For All is the thing that you need! Depending on which one of our universal TV mounts you choose, you are able to tilt or rotate the television screen in multiple directions or make it look like your telly is flushed against the wall. The possibilities with an universal TV wall mount from One For All are endless! In addition, consider all the space that will be freed up when mounting your television screen up against the wall. The room will be less cluttered since you do not longer need a television cupboard or television stand. Also, if you mount the television screen flat against the wall, your telly will look like a painting! This will give the room a more sleek look and your television screen will be a real eye-catcher in the room. This is every proud television-owners dream, right? Are you interested in the universal TV brackets that One For All has to offer? Take a quick look at all of our TV mounts and choose the one that best fits your needs!

Do you find yourself having troubles deciding which one of our universal TV mounts best fits your needs and wishes? Please feel free to contact us! If you would like an answer immediately, you can use our TV bracket selector. Within this handy tool you can fill in your wishes and TV model and then the selector will choose which universal TV bracket is perfect for you! At One For All we strive to bring the ultimate home comfort to your house, and we believe that a great service is part of this. You can also contact us directly by using our online webform. We try our best to give you a fitting response within two work days! By owning one of the TV brackets from One For All you are always guaranteed of a bracket that is made from high quality products and offers a sturdy support. At our website you will find that our universal TV brackets are suitable for all popular brand and all popular screen sizes. In our wide range of TV brackets we even offer universal TV mounts for curved television screens! At One For All we believe that our universal TV brackets allow you to create the ultimate-home-comfort setting which you have always dreamt of.

How to choose the right universal TV bracket

Even though some of the characteristics of our universal TV wall brackets are similar, there are some big differences between our wall mounts. These differences stem from the motion abilities of our universal TV brackets. Based on these motion abilities, we have created three main divisions within our large product range of TV brackets. The main categories featured on our website are universal TV brackets with a flat, tilt or rotating design. Due to their differences in motion ability, each of these brackets are suited to fulfil different functions. So, before you make your decision for one of our universal TV brackets, make sure that you choose the bracket that best fits your needs. We have highlighted a few of the characteristics of our three main brackets below.

● Flat TV wall brackets – Did you get excited before when we talked about how your telly could look like a painting? You can achieve this same look thanks to our universal TV brackets with a flat design. These brackets will make sure that it will look like your television screen is flushed against the wall—therefore a ‘painting’ look is created. This bracket is perfect for you if you want to create this look and if you always watch television from the same central point in the room. Since, these brackets are ‘fixed’, you cannot tilt or rotate them. So, make sure that you take their motion abilities (or lack of them) in consideration.
● Tilting TV wall brackets – Is your telly placed near a window and do you find yourself getting annoyed by the glistering sunlight? Or is laying in your bed or on the couch your favourite position when watching television? For either of these cases, you could profit of a television screen which can be tilted. With an universal TV bracket with a tilting design from One For All, you are able to tilt the screen up or down (vertically) up to 15°. Thanks to this tilting option you can create the ideal television angle to watch television!
● Turning TV wall brackets – Is your television positioned in a corner of your room and does it need turning once in a while? Or do you want to have limitless freedom of adjustments with your television screen? When looking for a bracket which have full motion abilities, our universal TV brackets with a turning design are perfect for you! These wall mounts allow you to tilt, swivel and retract your telly. You can easily adjust the angle of the screen up to 20° vertically or up to 180° horizontally.

VESA sizes and your universal wall mount

Once you decide if you would like to have an universal TV bracket with a flat, tilting or rotating design, you also have to decide what the VESA size of the bracket has to be. The VESA size is the universal sizes for television screens. It is the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your telly (in mm). It is important that the VESA size of you television screen is the same as the VESA size of your new bracket. Matching the VESA size of both your TV and the bracket guarantees 100% compatibility. If you do not know the VESA size of your television screen, you can consult the manual. If you have lost your manual or if you would like to measure the VESA size yourself, it’s very simple to do! We have highlighted a few tips on how you can measure the VESA size yourself in our latest VESA blogpost.

Easy installation of your television against the wall

At One For All we try to make your life a little easier by ensuring a simple installation of our universal TV wall mount brackets. In order to do that, we have created a mobile toolbox application. This application can be installed on your Android or iOS phone through the app store. Within this app you will find a few handy tools such as our height advisor, installation movies and digital manuals. Thanks to these tools, installing a wall bracket never was this easy! If you want to receive even more information on how you can install your new bracket, you can read our instruction blogpost.