Toshiba Replacement Remote

  • URC1919 Toshiba TV Remote
    URC 1919
    Toshiba TV Replacement Remote
    1 device
    • No setup required
    • Works with all types of Toshiba TVs
    • Learning feature
    • Keys include all common Toshiba functions

Toshiba replacement remote

Do you keep losing your current remote control for your Toshiba television? And are you, this time, unable to find the remote back again? Or, did something bad happen and did you (accidentally) broke the original TV remote? In either of these cases, it is definitely time for you to buy a Toshiba replacement remote! One For All offers a Toshiba replacement control that works with all types of Toshiba TVs. So, even if you own a Toshiba Plasma TV, LCD TV or a LED model, we have the perfect Toshiba replacement remote in the One For All product range!

In the large product range of One For All, you will find a replacement remote control that is perfect for your Toshiba television. There are a few unique features that our replacement remote controls entail. All of our Toshiba remote replacements have a learning feature, obtain the same functions as the original Toshiba remotes, are 100% compatible with all types of Toshiba televisions and there is no setup required! So, simply insert the batteries in the remote control and start using your new Toshiba replacement remote! Take a look at all of the replacement remote controls that One For All has to offer and create the ultimate-television-viewing-experience with your Toshiba telly.

Characteristics and controls of a Toshiba TV replacement remote control

At One For All we strive to create meaningful home solutions. Solutions which put you and your family in complete control of your home entertainment systems. Therefore, all of our Toshiba replacement TV controls obtain the same functions as the original Toshiba TV remotes. In this way, you do not have to learn anything new about the remote—you can just start using it! Also, as mentioned before, all of our Toshiba replacement TV controllers work 100% with all Toshiba TV models. This means that our remotes are compatible with Toshiba TVs, LCDs, LEDs, Plasmas, OLEDs and QLEDs.

Even though our replacement remotes obtain the same functions as the original remote, there are a few new features that make our replacement remotes unique. So, next to all the common functions of a Toshiba remote, our Toshiba replacement controllers have a ‘learning feature’. Thanks to this feature the replacement remote is able to ‘learn’ or copy functions that are missing from your original TV remote. If you wish to know how to make your Toshiba replacement TV control ‘learn’ new functions, you have to read the added manual. We do have one important tip for you: make sure that all original remotes are working and have batteries in them. Also, the learning feature works best if the Toshiba replacement remote is no further than 3 cm away from the original remote. You further have to make sure that both remotes are pointing toward each other. Please take a look at our support page if you find yourself having any trouble with the setup of the replacement remote or with the learning feature. If you want to learn more about the learning feature immediately, you can read all about it in our latest blogpost! ! You can also contact us directly by using our online form. We strive to respond within 2 working days!

Choose your Toshiba TV remote control replacement now at the One For All website

When your original Toshiba remote control is broken, or when you have lost the remote, you are probably looking to buy a new one. At the One For All website you can find the perfect Toshiba replacement TV control. If you have found your favourite, just follow the steps of the ordering process accordingly and check out at one of our retailers’ websites. Within a few days you are now the lucky owner of a new replacement TV remote!