Panasonic Replacement Remote

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    Panasonic TV Replacement Remote
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    • No setup required
    • Works with all types of Panasonic TVs
    • Learning feature
    • Keys include common Panasonic functions + 3 app shortcut keys

Panasonic replacement remote

When you own a Panasonic TV and are looking to buy a new remote control, you should take a look at the One For All website. There could be all kinds of reasons why you want to buy a new remote control. One of the obvious reasons is that you have lost the original one (do not worry—it happens to the best of us). Other reasons could be that you have, unfortunately, broken the original Panasonic TV remote or that you are looking for a spare remote (just in case). In all of these scenarios, it is probably best that you buy a new remote control. At the One For All website you will find the perfect remote control for your Panasonic television. In the wide range of remotes that One For All has to offer, you will not only find a replacement remote for your Panasonic telly—you will find a remote that is 100% guaranteed to work with all Panasonic television models. This means that our Panasonic replacement remote supports all TVs including Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED and QLED. In addition to their excellent compatibility, our Panasonic remote controls also have a special ‘learning feature’. Thanks to this learning feature you are able to make your remote ‘learn’ (missing) functions of the original remote. 

With years and years of experience and technical expertise, One For All continues to create functional, intelligent and reliable remote controls. Thanks to our innovative technology, we have create a Panasonic TV replacement remote which is compatible with all Panasonic television models. At One For All we strive to provide you with the ultimate-home-comfort and the best television-experience as possible. We believe that our Panasonic replacement remote is the perfect example of this. Since the functions of this replacement remote are exactly the same as those of the original Panasonic remote control, you do not need to learn anything new. The only thing that you have to do is to insert 2 (working) AAA batteries. After that, you can start using the TV remote! There is no setup required. Thus, find your favourite Panasonic TV replacement remote at our website and start to create the ultimate television-viewing-experience! 

Characteristics of a Panasonic remote control replacement

Buying a Panasonic replacement remote from One For All means that you do not need to learn anything new. This is because the replacement remote has the same functions as the original Panasonic remote. So, you can just press the same buttons as before to turn the volume up or down, mute the volume, switch between channels or go to Fasttext. The replacement remote also supports other common functions like Link, Tools and Guide. If some of the functions are not working properly, please check the added manual. There you can read some convenient tips and tricks to help you install your new Panasonic replacement remote properly! You can also take look at our support page for the Panasonic replacement remotes. 

In addition to all the original functions, One For All’s Panasonic replacement remote also provides some special features: a hard cap navigation ring and a unique learning feature. Thanks to the learning function, the remote control can directly copy advanced or missing functions from the original Panasonic TV remote control. The learning feature can even make your remote control learn from audio or video equipment! You can find all the information that you need to know about the learning feature in the added manual. But, there is one important thing that you do need to know before starting with the learning feature: make sure that both the replacement remote and the original remote control have (working) AAA batteries in them. Also, as described in the manual, place both of your remote controls on a flat surface and point them towards each other (preferably the distance between the remotes should not exceed 3 cm). If you wish to delete one of the learned features, you can also consult the manual. If you still have some questions please take a look at our FAQ-page. You can also contact us directly with questions about the learning feature or the overall instalment. You can use our online form for this—we try to give you a fitting response within 2 working days! 

Installing your replacement Panasonic TV remote

We try to make your television-watching-life as easy as possible. Therefore, we, at One For All, believe  installing new electronic equipment should be easy. To achieve this goal, we have created a very simple installation process for all TV replacement remote controls. In just two steps, you can install your new Panasonic TV remote control replacement. If you own one of the newer Panasonic TV models, the replacement remote should work immediately after inserting two AAA batteries. If the remote does not work immediately, please follow the steps in the manual accordingly. In the manual you will also find some additional images to simplify the installation process.  

Choose your Panasonic remote control replacement now at the One For All website

Are you ready to buy a Panasonic replacement remote because you (unfortunately) have lost the original remote? Did you also find a replacement remote control that suits your needs at the One For All website? Then there is only one thing left to do: you must complete the ordering process! If you want to order our Panasonic replacement remote, you will be redirected to one of our retailers’ websites. You can choose your favourite retailer yourself and purchase the replacement remote through their website. After completing the purchase, you will be the new owner of a Panasonic remote control replacement just within a few days!