URC7955, URC7980: How can I set up my code using the OFA Setup app, even if the code is not listed with the brand of my device?

It is possible to upgrade and set up a code for a device using the OFA Setup App, even if that code is not associated with the brand of your device.

In the following example, we will set up the code T0037 for the brand Aiwa. T0037 is not associated with Aiwa at all.

1) Select the device from the main menu – in this case TV.

2) Enter the brand:
3) Select “Skip” from the Setup screen, this takes you to the list of codes:

4) We see the list of codes associated with that brand, note that T0037 is not listed.
Select any code from this list, in this example we’ll select T0701, which is first in the list. We will change this later, so don’t worry about selecting a code that is not the one for your device.

5) Tap on the code and a red check mark will appear. Next click the white check mark on the top right of the screen.

6) The next screen shows the code in red on the bottom section. Tap on the code:

7) The next screen displays Enter Code. Tap on this text and the number pad should appear:

8) Enter the code using the digits on screen and press Done (this screen may look slightly different on Android devices):
9) The code is now displayed. Tap on the white check mark at the top right of the screen.

10) The Setup Screen is now displayed with the updated code. Tap on the white check mark again to send the code to the remote.

11) The code will now be set up on the remote: