What is the best digital aerial?

What TV aerial do I need?

When looking for a digital aerial the choices are endless. But which one of the tv aerials will fit your situation best?

Let’s first discuss the types you can choose from.


Digital aerial: indoor

Indoor aerials are ideal when you live close to a transmitter. This type of aerial is easy to install as you don’t have to mount it. The digital indoor aerials ensure the best possible reception thanks to their innovative technology and features. On top of that indoor aerials are easy to move and take with you when moving homes.


Digital aerial: outdoor

If you live further away from the nearest transmitter, we suggest using an outdoor aerial. This type of aerial is mounted outside your home to the wall or chimney. The outdoor aerials are designed to withstand most heavy weather conditions. When looking for digital outdoor aerials the most common is the Yagi aerial, which is easy to recognize by its traditional design. But at One For All we also have outdoor aerials with a modern look and feel, which are even easier to mount as well.


Digital aerial: loft

Want a clutter free interior? Then a loft aerial is the right aerial for your household. When your aerial is positioned in the right way in your loft, it will be the perfect out of sight, out of mind addition to your décor.


What TV aerial do I need for my area?

Next to design and if you want to place it in- or outdoor, the distance is very important in choosing the right digital aerial for your home.

When you live near a transmitter within 15 miles, we suggest an indoor aerial. Digital indoor aerials come with a range between 3 to 15 miles radius. Outside the 15 miles we suggest an outdoor aerial. Our digital outdoor aerials come with a reach of 15 to 30 miles radius to the nearest transmitter. Digital loft aerials differ between distances to the transmitter between 0 to 30 miles radius.

Always make sure you check your distance from the nearest transmitter. Once you know this finding the right aerial for your distance to the transmitter will be a lot easier as the One For All aerial packaging is labelled with an easy to read distance indicator.


When choosing a digital aerial there are also a lot of different features to choose between. Below we explain the options to choose between.


What is the best aerial for Freeview?

With Freeview you can enjoy over 70 standard and 15 HD channels. When you buy a digital TV TV aerial with the Freeview feature, you can enjoy nations favourite programmes without a monthly fee.

Find our selection of Freeview aerials here: Freeview Aerials 


Get quality performance

At One For All we offer a wide range of aerials designed with maximum performance in mind. Our product range varies from HD ready aerials to Full HD ready aerials to 4K Ultra HD ready aerials. As well as that our digital aerials are DVB-T and DVB-T2 compatible.


Amplified aerial vs non-amplified aerial

Whether you need an amplified- or non-amplified aerial is rather easy to decide, it all comes down to the distance to the transmitter and the amount of interference in your area. Within a 3 miles radius without any interferences a non-amplified aerial works well, but further away than 3 miles or in an area with a lot of interferences it would be better to pick an amplified aerial. For example, if you live in a remote area less than 3 miles from the nearest transmitter you would be fine with a non-amplified aerial. Whereas if you live in the city 3 miles away from the nearest transmitter, you would be better off buying an amplified aerial because of all the WIFI and mobile phone signal interferences.


3G/4G/5G interferences

Nowadays almost everyone owns a mobile phone with a 3G, 4G or 5G network. These networks are on the same bandwidth as DVB-T and can interfere with the clearness of the signal the aerial receives. One For All aerials contain a 3G/4G/5G filter to ensure crystal clear reception. Please make sure when buying a One For All aerial which filter it contains and if it has a filter at all.


Find the aerial that best fits you!

With our aerial selector you can easily find the aerial that fits your wants and needs. The selector checks your postcode to find the nearest transmitter from you location to make sure you have the best reception on top of the features you want.