Tilting TV wall mounts

  • Wm5620_main
    WM 5620
    Tilting TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Tilting feature 15°
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL Listed

Tilt TV wall mounts

Tilt TV wall mounts are perfect for those people who love to watch television when lying down. You have probably noticed that you cannot get a perfect view at the television screen when you are lying in bed or are positioned in a lying position on the couch. Most of the time the television screen is up too high or the angle is all wrong. Or maybe you get annoyed by the sunlight glistering through the window that hinders you from seeing your favourite movie or TV show properly. You can even get irritated by reflections on the screen from indoor lighting. All of these problems can be prevented with a tilting TV wall mount from One For All. The biggest advantage of our tilt TV brackets is that you can tilt them vertically (up to 15°)—this way you can change the angle so that your view at the television is perfect. By tilting the screen downward you can counteract the sunlight or create the perfect television-viewing-angle. With the tilt and turn TV wall mounts from One For All you are able to create an ultimate-television-viewing-experience in your home. Take a quick look at all of the tilting wall mounts that One For All has to offer!

If you mount your television screen up against the wall, you not only get the advantage of tilting the television any way you want, you will also save a lot of space in the room. Since the television screen is no longer standing on a cupboard, cabinet or television stand, your room will open up. Also, the tilt TV wall mounts from One For All guarantee a sturdy support—you are guaranteed that your television is safe and secure. The tilting TV brackets that we offer are suited for television screens up to 100 kg. Our wall mounts are also suited for all popular TV brands like Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and LG, and are suited for all kinds of television screen sizes. Our tilt TV wall mounts are compatible with screen sizes from 13-inch up to 90-inch. The large, exclusive range of tilt TV mounts from One For All will guarantee that you will find the perfect wall mount that fits your needs. Choose your favourite tilt TV wall mount today!

How to choose a tilt TV wall mount

When choosing a wall mount for your television screen is it important that you pick the right one. At the One For All website we divide our TV wall mounts into three main categories: flat, tilt and turn. Each of these wall mounts have different motion abilities and vary in their flexibility. Based on these abilities, the wall mounts can be angled horizontally, vertically or not at all. Because of their differences in motion abilities, the wall mounts can serve different functions. It is therefore important that you know what function the TV wall mount must serve before you choose one. 

TV wall mounts with a flat design are perfect for you if you wish to mount the television screen on a fixed position on the wall. These wall mounts will make it look like your television screen is flushed up against the wall and it will make the room look more modern. Despite the fact that wall mounts with a flat design will create a modern look, it is not possible to rotate or tilt the screen in any way. If you want to watch television from multiple angles in the room, a TV wall mount with a rotating design is the best choice for you. Thanks to the rotating wall mounts from One For All you are able to rotate the screen up to 180° horizontally and up to 20° vertically. However, if you want to watch television most often from a position lying down or if you want to avoid glare, a TV wall mount with a tilting design is your best option. If you find yourself having difficulties with choosing the right TV wall mount please feel free to contact us. You can contact us directly by using our online webform. We try to give you a fitting response within two workdays! 

There is one other important thing that you should keep into consideration when buying a tilt and turn TV wall mount. That is, knowing the VESA size of your television screen. The VESA size is an universal size for your television screen (VESA is short for Video Electronics Standards Association). This size is the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the telly. It is important that the VESA size of your television screen and the VESA size of your new TV wall mount correspond. This is the only way that you know for sure that the TV screen will ‘fit’ into the wall mount. You will find the VESA size of your telly in the added manual. If you cannot find the VESA size, there are some ways you can measure it yourself. You can read about the measurements and get more information on VESA sizes in our latest VESA blog post.

Different types of tilt TV wall mounts

At the One For All website you will find different types of TV wall mounts with a tilting design. The tilt TV brackets are available for LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s of all popular sizes for almost all brands. The TV wall mounts are fitting into one of three lines. You will find tilt TV wall mounts from Smart Line, Solid Line or Ultra-Slime Line. 

  • Smart Line – The tilt TV wall mounts from our “Smart Line” are the perfect match for those looking for a high-quality TV wall mount at an affordable price. The wall mounts from our “Smart Line” are really easy to install and you will be done within a few quick steps. These wall mounts are not only available in a tilt design, but also in a flat or rotating design. 
  • Solid Line – The tilt TV wall mounts from our “Solid Line” are extra sturdy and are the perfect combination of high-grade materials, convenient cable management systems, built-in setup tools and a robust design. These characteristics make the wall mounts from our “Solid Line” a valuable accessory for those looking for strong support but still wish to have a hassle-free installation process. The wall mounts are also available with a flat, tilting or rotating design. 
  • Ultra-Slim Line – The tilt TV wall mounts from our “Ultra-Slim Line” are very stylish and are perfect for houses with a minimalistic design. These wall mounts are characterised by their anti-theft solutions, light-weight constructions, safety locks, concealed cable management and much, much more! When buying one of the wall mounts from our “Ultra-Slim Line” you also get a lifetime warranty. These wall mounts are available with a tilting, rotating or flat design.