Sony TV Wall mounts

  • WM5660_main
    WM 5660
    Full-motion TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Full-Motion: Swivel 120° and Tilt 15°
    • Supports up to 70 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL listed
  • Wm5620_main
    WM 5620
    Tilting TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Tilting feature 15°
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL Listed
  • WM5610_main
    WM 5610
    Fixed TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • Easy Lock and Release feature
    • UL Listed

Sony TV wall mounts

For those people who wish to enjoy watching television even more, Sony TV wall mounts are the go-to solution. Thanks to wall mounts especially designed for Sony television sets, you can watch television more optimally. The Sony TV wall brackets allow you to rotate the screen in all kinds of directions. You are even able to turn the screen or tilt it. In this way, you can watch television from different angles in the room! Even better, there is no need to shuffle around with furniture to make sure that everybody’s view at the telly is perfect—you just rotate, tilt or turn the television screen. Moreover, by mounting your telly against the wall, you will save up a lot of space in the living room. Besides, a wall mounted television set just looks like a painting and it will give the room a more modern look. 

At One For All we offer all kinds of Sony TV wall mounts that will fit your telly perfectly. In our online shop you will find Sony brackets that are suited for all popular screen sizes. The screen sizes vary from 32-inch up to 65-inch. You can even find Sony mounts for slightly curved television screens. All of our wall brackets obtain the highest quality and have been designed to ensure a sturdy support. Even though our television mounts are really strong and can safely carry the biggest television screens, they are also ultra-slim and do not weigh much. This makes the instalment process a lot easier! So, if you are looking for a Sony TV wall mount that best fits your needs, you will find the right one at One For All. Quickly take a look at all of the Sony TV mounts One For All has to offer. Depending on which model you choose, you can make your television look like it is floating against the wall or you can easily rotate, tilt or turn it. 

How to choose the right Sony TV mount 

Since, there are a few different Sony TV wall mounts you can choose, it is important that you understand the differences between the brackets. Only then, you can choose the right mount and ensure the best television-viewing-experience. As mentioned before, at One For All we offer three kinds of wall mounts—wall mounts with a flat design, a tilting design or with rotating possibilities. Each of the Sony TV wall mounts that we offer, obtain different motion abilities and therefore serve differ functions. Depending on which model you choose, the Sony TV bracket can be angled horizontally, vertically, or not at all. 

  • Flat TV mounts – The Sony TV mounts with a flat design lend themselves perfectly to spaces where the television screen can be mounted at a central point to the wall. When using these brackets your Sony television will be mounted up to 13 mm against the wall—this small distance will make it look like your television screen is flushed against the wall. These brackets are perfect if you are looking for a modern, stylish and clean look. 
  • Tilting TV mounts – You should choose a Sony TV wall mount with a tilting design if your television screen suffers from shimmering because of sunlight. Thanks to the tilting design it is very easy to tilt your telly away from the glare or reflections that the sunlight creates. Also, these tilting designs are perfect for people who would like to watch television in bed. By tilting the screen slightly, your view will be amazing—even if you are lying down! The tilting TV brackets from One For All allow you to adjust the vertical angle up to 15°. 
  • Turning TV mounts – With a Sony wall mount with a turning design, you are given limitless freedom of movement. Thanks to their full-motion abilities, you can swivel, tilt or retract your telly up to 180° horizontally or up to 20° vertically. These TV mounts are suited for you if you wish to watch televises from all different kinds of viewing positions. 

VESA sizes and your Sony TV wall mount

If you have made a choice between a flat, tilting or turning TV mount, there is just one other thing you have to decide—the VESA size of your new wall bracket. The VESA size (short for Video Electronics Standards Association) is an universal size for your television screen. It is important that the VESA size of your Sony television corresponds with the TV mount you choose. The VESA size measures the distance between the four mounting holes on the back of your television screen. Since, the television screen will be placed in the wall mount, these sizes have to be identical, otherwise the mount will not fit. Do you have any troubles finding the VESA size in your television manual? There is a way that you can measure the VESA size yourself. 

How best to install your Sony TV wall mount

There are a few things that you should consider before mounting your Sony television up against the wall. For example, is there enough room for cables and connectors behind the television when you mount it? This room is important otherwise your cable could get kinked and will not work as well. Also, you have to make sure that your wall can hold the weight of the telly (and Sony wall mount). Walls made from standard brick, concrete or wood are all suited. If you do not know from which material your wall is made, please contact a specialist for advice.  A few other things you should think about are the pipelines, wires and fire safety. So, make sure that you do not drill into a wall where pipelines or wires are located behind—we do not want you to get any leakage or get electrocuted. Also, do not place your Sony TV wall mount above a fireplace. Electronic devices are not a fan of heat. Placing your tv above a fireplace could affect the electronics inside the telly negatively. 

If you have found the perfect spot for mounting your Sony television against the wall, the only thing left is to actually install it. To make the instalment process as easy as possible, we have developed a special toolbox app. This mobile application can easily be downloaded for iOS or Android. Within this application you will find tools like digital manuals, installation movies and a height advisor. By using our mobile app, installing your own TV wall mount never was this easy. Do you want to read up a little more about the instalment? Please take a look at our instruction blogpost for more information on installing a Sony TV mount.