Small TV wall mounts

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Small TV wall mounts

It does not matter what the size of your television screen is—your television deserves to be mounted up against the wall. We at One For All understand this and therefore we have created TV wall mounts for all popular screen sizes. The screen sizes vary from 32-inch up to 65-inch television screens. So, even if you are looking for a small TV wall mount, you are at the right place! There are a few advantages of mounting your television up against the wall. For example, the room instantly gets more spacious. Also, you no longer have to worry about something bad happening to your television screen. Since the screen is safe and secure mounted to the wall, no one will spill drinks near it or accidently bump into it. 

All of our small TV wall mounts can safely support television screens up to 100 kg, so it will not fall down. Are you curious about which small TV wall mounts fit your needs and room best? Please feel free to use our product selector. It is also possible for you to contact us directly by using our online form. We strive to give you an answer with the information you are looking for within 2 working days!

How to choose the right small TV wall mount for your television

At the One For All website you will find that our small TV wall mounts are divided within three main categories: flat, tilting and rotating. Each of the wall mounts within each category, have different characteristics and therefore serve different functions. It is important that you choose the right small TV wall mount. Only then you are able to create the best possible-television-experience. Underneath we have highlighted the most important characteristics and functions of our small TV wall mounts. If you read this information carefully, we are sure that you can make an informed decision. You can also use our wall mount selector for some guidance. You can fill in all of your needs and type of television and then the selector will give you the best option.

  • Small flat TV wall mounts – If you choose a TV wall mount with a flat design, you have to consider that you are not able to turn or rotate your television screen. These wall mounts are perfect if you always watch television from the same viewing point. The television screen is mounted so close up to the wall, that it looks like the screen is floating. Flat TV wall mounts will therefore make your room look more sleek and modern!
  • Small tilting TV wall mounts – If you would like to tilt the screen vertically to achieve a perfect viewing angle, our tilting TV wall mounts are the ones you should get. Our small TV wall mounts with a tilting design allow you to tilt the screen up to 15° vertically. You should definitely get one of these wall mounts if you love to watch television from a laying down position (like your bed for example). Now, you will no longer suffer from a stiff neck because you were watching television from an uncomfortable position.
  • Small turning TV wall mounts – Our multi-positioned or turning TV wall mounts give you endless turning possibilities. With a small TV wall mount with a turning design, you are able to rotate the screen up to 180° horizontally and up to 20° vertically. This means that you can rotate the screen in almost every angle—you are now able to even watch television from an adjacent room!