Fixed TV Wall Mounts

  • WM5610_main
    WM 5610
    Fixed TV Wall Mount
    • Fits most TVs from 42-100” *
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • Easy Lock and Release feature
    • UL Listed
  • Wall Mount WM4612_Main
    WM 4612
    Fixed TV Wall Mount
    • Fits most TVs from 42-100" *
    • Flat to the wall, only 1.1" wall distance
    • Easy Lock and Release feature
    • Supports up to 154lbs / 70kg

Fixed TV wall mounts

A fixed TV wall mount from One For All is the wall mount you need to have when you want to display your television screen prominently. Of course you can place your television on a television stand, cabinet or cupboard, but think about how great it will look if your tv is mounted up against the wall. With a fixed TV wall mount from One For All it will look like your television screen is flushed up against the wall. Instantly the room will look more modern and sleek—the television will now be a real eye-catcher. Also, think about all the space you would save in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other room! Thanks to the fixed wall brackets from One For All your television screen is also safe and secure. At One For All we guarantee a sturdy support of all of our TV brackets. The fixed TV wall mounts that we offer support televisions up to 100 kg. So, you do not have to worry about the television screen falling down—you are also safe from people spilling drinks near the television. So, are you looking for a TV bracket which allows you to display your television prominently? Take a look at all of the fixed mount TV brackets from our large product range!

The TV wall bracket fixings from One For All are suited for a wide variety of screen sizes. We have fixed TV brackets for all popular screen sizes, from 13” to 90”. Also, our brackets are suited for all popular TV brands. At the One For All website you will find TV brackets for Philips, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG and much more! By mounting your television screen up against the wall you will enhance your television-viewing-experience immensely. It is also good to know that our fixed TV mounts are ultra-slim in their design, light weighted and easy to mount. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite TV bracket from One For All today!

How to choose the best fixed TV wall mount

Do you always watch television from a central viewing point in the room? Meaning, do you always (or mostly) watch television from the same position? If this is the case, a fixed TV wall mount is perfect for you. Especially if you want to create a modern vibe in the room—the fact that the TV will look like it is flushed against the wall, will make sure of this! But, if you often watch television from multiple angles in the room, a TV bracket with a fixed (or flat) design is not your best pick. If you have different viewing positions, you need a TV bracket which gives you endless possibilities. One of the One For All TV brackets with a rotating design is perfect for you. Thanks to these brackets you enable a great viewing experience from multiple angles or even from an adjacent room! With a rotating bracket you are able to rotate the screen up to 180° horizontally and up to 20° vertically. If rotating the television screen is not necessary, but if you would like to tilt the screen once in a while (because of shimmering sunlight), a TV bracket with a tilting design is perfect for you!

If you choose to buy a fixed TV wall mount, you also have to think about how high up the wall you want to mount the television screen. If you position the television screen too high up on the wall, you could get a stiff neck or shoulders from always looking up too high. To make sure that you choose the right height, there is a rule of thumb that we often use. We use the guideline that, when mounting a television screen, the bottom 1/3 of the screen should be at eye level. This amounts to a height of 95 cm from the ground up on average. Remember that this is just a guideline. Make sure to follow your own preferences when mounting the telly. Only that way you will create the perfect television-viewing-experience as possible for you. If you have any questions about how high you should mount your television, or questions about how you should mount it, please do not hesitate to contact us! We try to give you a fitting response within 2 work days! 

One other important thing that you should know before you actually buy a fixed TV bracket, is the VESA size of the bracket and your television screen. The VESA size is an universal size for you television screen. This size corresponds with the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the television screen. It is important that the VESA size of your new bracket is the same as the VESA size of your telly. This way you know for sure that the television screen fits onto the fixed TV wall mount. At the One For All website you will find TV brackets for television screens varying between VESA 75x75 and up to 800x600. If you want to know more about the different VESA sizes, or if you would like to know how to measure the VESA size yourself, you can read all about it in our latest VESA blog post.

Install your fixed TV wall mount easily with our One For All app

With all of our products we strive to create products that enhance your television-viewing-experience. We believe that an easy instalment of our TV brackets is therefore essential. So, to make sure that the installation process of your new fixed TV wall mount is as easy as possible, we have created something special. We have developed a toolbox mobile application for Android and iOS. When using this application you will find tools like installation movies, digital manuals and a height adviser. Within this app you will get immediate assistance—installing your wall mount was never this easy! You can also read our blog post with instructions for mounting a television if you would like to have more information.