75-inch TV Wall mounts

  • WM5660_main
    WM 5660
    Full-motion TV Wall Mount
    • Fits most TVs from 42-100” *
    • Full-Motion: Swivel 120° and Tilt 15°
    • Supports up to 70 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL listed
  • Wm5620_main
    WM 5620
    Tilting TV Wall Mount
    • Fits most TVs from 42-100” *
    • Tilting feature 15°
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL Listed
  • WM5610_main
    WM 5610
    Fixed TV Wall Mount
    • Fits most TVs from 42-100” *
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • Easy Lock and Release feature
    • UL Listed

75 inch TV wall mounts

Every day, televisions are becoming more and more elegant and modern in their design. Their features and functions are getting a lot more advanced and they are getting a lot bigger. If you own a 75 inch television, you have probably asked yourself multiple times: “How can I fit my television in the living room without it taking up too much space?” In other words, what is the best way to present your 75 inch television in a functional and stylish way? At One For All we have come up with the perfect solution: 75 inch TV wall mounts. 

The 75 inch TV wall mounts from One For All allow you to mount your television screen up against the wall. Your living room gets more spacious instantly and you create a more modern look. The TV wall mounts that One For All offers range from practical and affordable, to ultra-slim and lightweight models. They also vary in their motion abilities and therefore in their function. We categorise our 75 inch TV wall mounts into three main categories: flat, tilting and turning wall mounts. If you do not know which wall mount best fits your needs, then please feel free to contact us. By using our online form you will get an answer within 2 working days! You can also use our online wall mount selector which will help you make the right decision. 

Different types of TV wall mount for 75 inch TVs

As mentioned before, at One For All we offer a few different types of wall mounts. Each type of wall mount obtains different characteristics and therefore serves different functions. Depending on your television-viewing-needs one type of wall mount may be a better fit for you than the other ones. One of the things that you should take into consideration before choosing a TV wall mount, is the viewing-position. For example, if you are positioned directly in front of the television screen, a TV wall mount with a fixed design may be the most convenient for you. In combination with the correct height, you have just created a perfect television-viewing-experience. You can determine the correct height by using a rule of thumb. This rule of thumb states that 1/3 of the screen should be at eye-level. The remaining 2/3 of the screen should be below the viewing point. On average, this amounts to a height of 95 cm from the ground up. 

You could choose for a TV wall mount with a tilting design if you like to watch television from a laying down position (e.g. in bed). You can easily tilt these wall mounts up to 15° vertically, so that you can create the perfect viewing-point from a laying down position. When you often receive guests and maybe even organise a football-viewing-party or maybe a movie night, it is important that everybody gets a great view at the television. For these scenarios a TV wall mount with a rotating design is the best fit. These wall mounts allow you to move the swivel arm and  thus completely rotate the television screen to fit your needs. Now, you and your friends or family can easily watch television from every angle in the room!