48-inch TV Wall mounts

  • WM5660_main
    WM 5660
    Full-motion TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Full-Motion: Swivel 120° and Tilt 15°
    • Supports up to 70 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL listed
  • Wm5620_main
    WM 5620
    Tilting TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Tilting feature 15°
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL Listed
  • WM5610_main
    WM 5610
    Fixed TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • Easy Lock and Release feature
    • UL Listed

48 Inch TV wall mounts

Owning a 48 inch TV wall mount from One For All means that you own a TV wall mount made with outstanding quality. Mounting your 48” television up against the wall also means that you gain a lot of space in your bedroom or living room. Just with this one simple procedure, your room instantly gets more spacious! It also feels great knowing that your 48” television is mounted safe and sound up against the wall—nothing can happen to it up there! The One For All 48 in TV wall mounts supports television screens up to 100 kg. So, do not worry about the television falling down. You also do not have to worry any longer about people tripping over cables or spilling drinks near your precious television. 

At the One For All website you will find a large range of different 48” TV wall mounts. Our TV wall mounts range from practical and affordable, to ultra-slim and lightweight models. Our TV wall mounts serve different functions—this depends on the motion abilities of the wall mounts. You will find three main categories of TV wall mounts on our website: flat, tilting and turning wall mounts. When doubting which wall mount best fits your needs, we recommend using our online product selector. It is also possible that you contact us directly for more information. You can use our online form. We strive to give you a fitting response within 2 working days! 

How to choose the right 48 inch TV wall mount for your television

To create the best possible television-viewing-experience it is important that you pick the right TV wall mount. Each one of our wall mount-categories, have different characteristics and therefore serve different functions. We have highlighted the most important characteristics of our 48 inch TV wall mounts below. Read this carefully so that you can make an informed decision. You can also use our wall mount selector. Here you can fill in all of your needs and type of television and then the selector will give you the best option.

  • 48-Inch flat TV wall mounts – The 48 inch TV wall mounts with a flat design are perfect if you want to place your television at a fixed point at the wall. Thanks to the minimal distance between the wall and the television screen, it seems like your television is flushed up against the wall. It will seem like your television is floating! Therefore a sleek and modern look is created in the room. We advise you to choose a wall mount with a flat design if you always watch television from the same viewing point in the room.
  • 48-Inch tilting TV wall mounts – The 48 inch TV wall mounts with a tilting design are ideal if you love to watch television when lying down. Since you can rotate the screen up to 15° vertically, you can adjust the angle so that the view of the television screen is perfect. This means that you do not have to lay in a weird or uncomfortable position to watch the screen properly. Your stiff neck will be grateful!
  • 48-Inch turning TV wall mounts – When owning a 48 inch TV wall mount with a turning design, you get limitless freedom of adjustments. These wall mounts allow you to turn and rotate the screen up to 180° horizontally and up to 20° vertically. You can easily watch television now from every angle in the room!