42-inch TV Wall mounts

  • WM5660_main
    WM 5660
    Full-motion TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Full-Motion: Swivel 120° and Tilt 15°
    • Supports up to 70 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL listed
  • Wm5620_main
    WM 5620
    Tilting TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Tilting feature 15°
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • UL Listed
  • WM5610_main
    WM 5610
    Fixed TV Wall Mount
    • Suitable for all types of TVs from 42-100”
    • Supports up to 80 kg, mounting materials included
    • Easy Lock and Release feature
    • UL Listed

42 inch TV wall mount

Your brand new 42 inch flat screen television deserves more than just a special place in your home—it deserves to be mounted to the wall with a 42 inch TV wall mount from One For All. Let us explain why you should choose to mount your new television screen up against the wall. 

Yes, a TV cabinet is a nice addition to your interior, but unfortunately it is not always the best solution for every home. TV cabinets take up a lot of space and not every television owner has the luxury of having this space. The 42 inch TV wall mounts from One For All do not have this problem. Our TV wall mounts help you to save a lot of space in your living room, bedroom, game room or even in your kitchen. Also, by owning a TV wall mount you are one step closer to creating a home theatre aesthetic. Hanging your 42-inch television up against the wall also ensures that your television integrates completely into the environment. The television screen will just look like a painting and it gives the whole room a more modern look. It is not without a reason that the wall mounts from One For All are a must for all modern households.  

At the One For All website you will find a lot of different TV wall mounts suited for 42-inch televisions. Depending on your viewing needs and wishes you can choose a 42 inch wall mount with a flat design, a tilting design or a design with rotating possibilities. Even though we have created wall mounts with different motion abilities, all of our 42 inch wall mounts obtain a few overlapping features. Our wall mounts are created with the utmost care, are designed to ensure a sturdy support and are made from durable materials with the highest quality. All of these qualities are bundled in a modern design which complements your interior perfectly. And, to top it all off, our 42 inch TV wall mounts are compatible with all TV brands.  

Different types of TV wall mounts at One For All

When choosing a TV wall mount for your 42 inch TV, it is important that you know what your needs are. In other words, what features must your TV wall mount entail so that you can create the ultimate-television-viewing-experience? For example, if you would like a solution for the irritating sunlight glistering onto the screen, one of our TV wall mounts with a turning/rotating design is perfect for you. If you love to watch television from a laying down position (e.g. in bed) than a tilting TV wall mount is a better fit. Lastly, if you wish to create a more modern look and feel in the room, than our flat TV wall mounts are the best choice. 

These three types of wall mounts are the three main categories that One For All offers. Each of these TV wall mounts have, as mentioned, different motion abilities and therefore serve different functions. Depending on which model you choose, the 42 inch TV wall mount can be angled horizontally, vertically, or not at all.

  • Flat TV wall mounts – The 42 inch TV wall mounts with a flat design ensure that your television is smartly fixed against the wall. There will be a minimal distance of 13 mm between the television screen and the wall. Thanks to this small distance it will look like your 42-inch television is floating against the wall. 
  • Tilting TV wall mounts – The tilting TV wall mounts that One For All offers allow you to adjust the vertical angle up to 15°. By tilting the television screen you can easily avoid glare or glistering sunlight on the screen.
  • Turning TV wall mounts – With a turning TV wall mount you have limitless freedom of movement. You can easily swivel, retract or tilt your television screen up to 180° horizontally or up to 20° vertically. These wall mounts are perfect if you own a corner TV. 

Choose your new 42 inch TV wall mount with the wall mount selector

If you do not know which type of wall mount you should choose, you can use our TV wall mount selector. When using the selector you must answer a few questions and then the selector will present you with the TV wall mount that best fits your needs. Firstly, you have to indicate which hanging system you prefer—you can choose between a fixed or flat wall mount, a tilting wall mount or a turning wall mount. You then have to indicate which brand of TV you own. This way we can make sure that we present you with a wall mount that fits the weight and dimensions of your current television. You can find the screen dimensions on the packaging or in the user manual of the television. Finally, you will be asked whether your TV is an LCD/LED/OLED/QLED or Plasma device. Once you have completed all the steps, the TV wall mount selector will present you with a suitable 42 inch TV wall mount. 

Things to consider during assembly of a TV wall mount

In general, the TV wall mounts from One For All are really easy to attach to the wall. All the screws and accessories you might need are included within your order. We have also developed a special toolbox app, which makes the installation process even more easy. This mobile application can be downloaded for Android and iOS. Within this application you will find installation movies, digital manuals and a height advisor. If you want to make sure that you are ready for the installation process, you can also read our instruction blogpost for more information on mounting a TV wall mount.

Even though we have tried to make the installation process as easy as possible, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before you start. Before you start drilling holes into the wall, you must know from which material the wall is made of. For example, if you attach the 42-inch TV to a plaster wall, you must take into account that you are going to drill into a hollow wall. These building constructions often consist of a metal or wooden frame to which the plasterboards are screwed. For a solid installation you must therefore use special plugs and screws. These are important matters that you have to think about (we do not want your television screen falling down). 

If you are questioning whether you can mount your television onto a partition, then we have the answer: you can! Even though these walls are less sturdy than supporting walls, your telly could be mounted up there with the right screws and plugs. Please note that various power cables (can) run though the partitions and that you must not drill into them. The power outlets can help you estimate where these cables will run. Also, for safety measures make sure that the power is turned off when you are drilling.