32-inch TV Wall mounts

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32 Inch TV wall mounts

If you own a 32 inch television, then you definitely need a 32” TV wall mount from One For All. By owning one of our wall mounts, you are not only ensured of a wall mount made with excellent quality, you also get the luxury of gaining a lot of space. By mounting your 32” television screen up against the wall, you will no longer need a cupboard, TV stand, or TV cabinet. You can use all of this space for something else—or you can leave it empty so that the room looks more spacious and bigger! By wall-mounting your television screen you also do not have to worry anymore about tripping over cables or spilling a drink near the television. The screen will be safe and secure mounted against the wall. At the One For All website we offer 32 inch TV wall mounts which ensure a sturdy support to television screens up to 100 kg. All of our TV wall brackets are extremely safe so you will not have to worry about your 32” television falling down! 

At the One For All website you will find a wide range of different 32 inch TV brackets—ranging from practical and affordable to ultra-slim and lightweight. Depending on their motion abilities, the TV wall wall mounts can serve different functions. If you are looking for a TV wall mount which allows you to watch television from multiple angles in the room, one of our wall mounts with turning abilities is the perfect fit for you. If you want your television screen to look like it is flushed against the wall, your best pick is one of our 32 inch TV wall mounts with a flat design. If you often get annoyed by glistering sunlight on the screen, one of our TV brackets with a tilting design is your best option. If you are in doubt on which design or model to choose, please feel free to contact us! You can also use our online product selector which will help you find the TV wall mounts that best fits your needs. We are happy to give you some advice on which 32” inch TV wall mount is best suited for your situation. Also, at the One For All website you will find these different TV wall mounts suited for most brands. It does not matter if you are looking for a wall mount for your 32” Sony television screen, a Toshiba television or even one from Hisense. At the One For All website we offer suitable TV wall mounts for all popular brands and even lesser known brands. So, are you in the market for a new 32 inch wall mount for your television? Take a quick look at all of the 32 inch TV wall mounts that One For All has to offer!

How to choose the right 32 inch TV wall mount for your television

At the One For All website you will find that our 32 inch TV wall mounts are divided into three main categories: flat, tilting and rotating TV wall mounts. To create the best television-viewing experience as possible, it is important that you make the right choice between these categories. We have highlighted a few of the characteristics of our 32” TV wall mounts underneath—this (hopefully) will make your choice a little easier! If you still find yourself having trouble deciding which one of our wall mounts is your best choice, please ask us! You can contact us directly by using our online form. When using our wall mount selector you are able to fill in your needs and type of television and then the selector will give you the best option.

  • 32-Inch flat TV wall mounts – Our 32 inch TV wall mounts with a flat design are perfect if you would like to make it seem that the television screen is flushed against the wall. These wall mounts allow a minimal distance between your television screen and the wall of only 13 mm. That the television screen is mounted in a fixed position, does mean that you do not have the option of adjusting the angle. We would advise you to choose this type of wall mount if you always watch television from the same viewing point in the room.
  • 32-Inch tilting TV wall mounts – If you like to watch television from a laying down position (for example laying in bed or on the couch) our 32 inch TV wall mounts with a tilting design are best suited for you. Thanks to their tilting abilities, you are able to tilt the television screen vertically (up to 15°) so that your view is perfect. This means that you will not have to lay in a weird or uncomfortable position to watch the screen properly. Your stiff neck will be forever grateful!
  • 32-Inch turning TV wall mounts – The 32 inch TV wall mounts with turning abilities—or ‘multi-positioning’ abilities—give you limitless freedom of adjustments. These wall mounts give you the ability to adjust the angle of your television screen up to 180° horizontally and up to 20° vertically. You can easily watch television now from every angle in the room! Or maybe even from an adjacent room! The choice is yours, but the possibilities are endless.