HDMI Selection

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HDMI Selection

In order to view the picture of your Streaming box, your TV needs to be set to the correct HDMI Input. This is normally done, by pressing the Input key and then selecting the appropriate input from a list or menu on your TV.

However for some brands of TV, it is possible to reprogram the Input key on the OFA remote to go directly to the specific HDMI Input your Streaming box is plugged into, for example HDMI 2. This is called a “discrete command” and can work even if you didn’t have a direct key for HDMI 2 on your original remote.

Generally speaking, only the major manufacturers support this, good examples would be Samsung, LG and Sony. You can test whether your TV supports this by performing the following, which will also allow you to set the correct HDMIInput on the Input key on the OFA remote.

Firstly, make sure your One For All remote is already controlling your TV, by following the setup methods A (Simpleset) or B (by Code). Then make sure the TV is a different input from your Streaming box (for example TV) and:

1. Hold down TV Input  and TV Power key until the ring blinks twice in yellow (make sure to press the TV Input key slightly before the TV Power or the TV may turn off)

2. Point toward the TV  and press the TV Input key  (HDMI 1 should be displayed*)

3. If this is the correct input for your Streaming Box, press TV Power to store it

4. If not, press the TV Input key again  (HDMI 2 should be displayed*)

5. Repeat Step 4 if necessary (up to HDMI 4), pressing the TV Power key  to store when the right input is displayed.

6. The Green LED will blink twice  and from now, the TV Input key should select the right HDMI Input directly.


If you would like to reset the TV Input key back to its original function, repeat this process until you see the Input selection screen and press TV Power to store.


* If your TV does not change directly to HDMI 1, 2 or higher on steps 2, 4 or 5, unfortunately this feature may not be supported by your TV.

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