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Choose Colour

Once you have set up your devices, the colour of the menu ring reflects the devices you are controlling. For TV functions, the ring is yellow, for Audio green and for your streaming device it can be red, or a brand colour if you used the SimpleSet method.

However if you’d prefer to choose your own colour to represent streamer control, you can. There are dozens of shades to choose from, and the procedure is simple.
To perform this:

1. Hold down Channel Up and Channel Down until the ring blinks twice red

2. Press the Channel Up key. The ring will light up white and stay lit

3. Now each press of the Channel Up key will change the ring to a different colour. Pressing Channel Down will take it back to the previous colour. There are over 100 different shades to choose from.

4. Once you have found the colour you like, press and hold down the OK key.
The ring will blink twice in the current colour. From now on, when you are controlling your Streaming box the ring will light up in the colour you have chosen.


•    If you reach the last colour, the ring will blink red twice and the colour will not be stored.
•    If you do not press a key for 10 seconds, the light will go out and no colour will be stored
•    If you want to change the colour at any point, just repeat the process.

Multi_coloured ring
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