URC1240, URC1280: How can I set up a macro on my Contour remote?

You can program any key on your OFA remote (except SETUP) to send multiple commands on a single press –a Macro. This can be useful for controlling multiple devices to put them in a certain state – for instance you could put your TV on HDMI 1 and press Play on the Blu-ray player to start watching a movie. A key programmed with a Macro will send the same Macro regardless of the device mode.

To use the Macro feature, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Press and hold the SETUP key until the light blinks twice.
  2. Enter the code 995.
  3. Press the relevant key where the Macro will be stored.
  4. Now select the device you want the first function of the Macro to come from, for example TV.
  5. Enter the sequence of keys that you would like to be issued.
  6. Press and hold the SETUP key to store the Macro. The light will blink twice to confirm.

Additional Information:

  • Remember to press the keys in the same order you would using your original remotes – so if you pressed AV on the TV remote and then Play on the Blu-ray remote to watch a movie, do it in the same order on the One For All remote. 
  • If the LED shows a long blink when you press a key in steps 4 or 5, you have entered too many keys, please try again.