Indoor TV antennas

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    Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna
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Indoor TV antenna

With every new or old television set it is really important that you receive great reception. Your television could be as large as the whole wall and the sound can be great, but if you have faulty reception, no one likes to watch television at your place. So, at One For All we like to banish interference once and for all and maximize your reception quality. With our outdoor and indoor TV antennas you are guaranteed of the best signal reception as possible. Because of our innovative technology and features we strive to create the perfect television reception for your home. Another great advantage of the TV antennas from One For All is that they blend in very well with your interior. If you love to keep a tidy living room, our aerials are the best! Some of them can even easily be hidden and others have a very stylish design which makes them a true addition to your décor.

With over 27 years of experience, One For All has introduced the most user-friendly products and our inside TV antennas are one of them. Our TV antennas are ultramodern and stylish, brandishing the latest cutting-edge technology. At One For All we guarantee optimal television reception every time. Are you curious which indoor TV antennas we have to offer? Take a look at all of our inside television antennas in our product range.

Characteristics of an indoor TV antenna from One For All

All indoor television antennas from One For All guarantee a few things. We ensure an easy installation, the best possible signal quality and a smart design. Thanks to their outstanding performances, our indoor antennas differentiate themselves from other aerials and antennas. The indoor digital antennas from One For All have been compiled by the newest innovative technologies and features.

The internal television antennas that we create are suitable for up to 60 miles distance between the antenna and the broadcast transmitter. Moreover, our antennas cover free 1080p and 4K broadcast TV. Our amplified internal television antennas even obtain a unique 3G/4G block-filter to shield all mobile phone signals. This way you can ensure that your get the best possible reception, now and in the future.

Our wide product range varies from standard telescopic HD ready antennas to aerials which are highly advanced and are 4K Ultra HD ready. Are you looking for an internal TV antenna which has multi-directional reception which helps you to receive more channels (avoiding blind spots)? Than our Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna is perfect for you!

Reception of our indoor TV antennas

One For All offers a wide range of different indoor TV antennas. All antennas ensure a perfect reception that can be installed anywhere in your home. The reception of the internal television antennas from One For All vary from ranges within 0 up to 75 km from the nearest transmitter tower.

When buying a TV antenna there are a few things you should consider. For example, you can buy an indoor or outdoor TV antenna. Which antenna you should buy depends on the distance between you (your house) and the nearest transmitter tower. Our usual rule of thumb is to use an indoor TV antenna when you live 8 km or less away from the nearest tower. When your house is located over 15 miles away from the tower, we recommend using an outdoor TV antenna. To be one hundred percent certain, you can use our Antenna Wizard to find the right antenna based on your location and wishes.

When you live in a mountainous area or when your home is surrounded by trees or high buildings (like skyscrapers or apartment buildings), TV signals can be disturbed. To ensure that your indoor TV antenna gets the best reception, we recommend using an amplified indoor TV antenna. This basically means that the signal of your television antenna gets stronger. We especially recommend this when you live in a mountainous area and live further than 5 km away from an transmitter tower. When your house is not surrounded by trees, large buildings or mountains, and you live within a 5 km radius from a transmitter, a non-amplified TV antenna will be fine.

Tips and tricks to boost your reception quality

When watching television, nothing is more annoying than having a bad TV resolution or reception. Even when you have the best television antenna in you possession, there are still a few tips and tricks that will help you get an even better reception. When installing an internal television antenna, it is best to install it near a window or in the attic. Like an analogue antenna, even the digital ones works best when they get placed higher up. So, move your internal TV antenna to the highest place possible and enjoy a better reception quality!

Also, make sure that your internal television antenna is not in close proximity to any metal objects. Metallic surfaces can cause interference with the digital signals send from the broadcast tower and can even block reception. So, try to keep as much distance between the antenna and metal objects—a distance of 2 meter or greater would be ideal. Would you like to learn more about the different types of digital antennas? You can read all about it in our blogpost about the best digital antennas.

Indoor TV antennas with an unique Dutch design

One For All provides indoor antennas to every taste and in every shape, size and style possible. Our indoor TV antennas blend in perfectly with the rest of your house. So, you can place the antenna easily in full sight. Thanks to the stylish design of our models, the antennas are not an eyesore, but rather an addition to the interior. Moreover, most internal antennas can be placed in a few different positions. Some of the indoor antennas can be placed flat, standing and can be mounted directly to the wall. So, what are you waiting for? Plug it in and start watching immediately!

Choose your new indoor TV antenna now at the One For All website

At One For All we strive to one all-encompassing mission: to bring you and your family ultimate home comfort by putting you in control of your own home entertainment appliances. Our indoor TV antennas give you the best reception possible. They are also very stylish and are available in different sizes, shapes and models.

When you have found the perfect indoor TV antenna for you, you then have to choose a retailer. You will be redirected to the retailer’s website where you can purchase your antenna. Just within a short period of time you can watch free 1080p and 4K broadcast television with crystal clear reception! All thanks to the inside TV antennas from One For All. If you find yourself having any questions about one of our inside antennas, please take a look at our support page to find the answer that you are looking for.