What is the best digital antenna?

Different type of antennas

To define which digital TV antenna offers the best TV reception for your situation, first and most important to know is your location, as the distance from the nearest transmitter will determine the type of antenna you need. 

There are three options to choose from: an indoor, outdoor and loft antennas. Indoor antennas being the most used type of antennas, we will focus on them for now.

Indoor antennas 

If you live within a 25 kms radius of the nearest transmitter, we recommend to use an indoor antenna for optimal reception, this type of antenna is definitely easier to install as you don’t have to mount it. Do always check specifications to see the exact reach of each indoor antenna as there are antennas with a reach of 5 kms, 15 kms and 25 kms. 

Our indoor digital antennas ensure the best possible reception thanks to their innovative technology and features, even in areas with weak signals.

Besides location and type of antennas there are other things to be aware of when buying a digital antenna.

HD ready, Full HD or 4K Ultra HD, we have them all!

One For All offers a wide range of powerful indoor and outdoor antennas ensuring perfect reception of digital TV. Our wide product range varies from standard telescopic HD ready antennas to highly advanced 4K Ultra HD ready antennas. Every product is designed with maximum performance in mind.

Amplified vs. non-amplified antennas 

Whether you need an amplified or non-amplified antenna depends on the area you live in. If you live in an area near a transmitter with little interference, a non-amplified one will do. However, when living further than 5 kms away from the nearest transmitter or in areas with a lot of signal disturbance caused by Wi-Fi or mobile phones, then an amplified antenna is the best option for you

3G/4G/5G interference

The mobile telephone networks 4G/5G partly use the same bandwidth as DVB-T and therefore might create interference that dilutes the clearness of the signal. One For All antennas have a build-in 4G/5G filter to take away this interference, ensuring crystal clear reception. Please make sure to check specifications to find out if your antenna has a built-in 4G/5G filter.

Find the antenna that suits your home situation!

You can use our antenna advisor with find the right antenna for your location immediately. You will get a customised recommendation in 3 simple steps, discover which channels you will be able to receive at www.channelchecker.com.