TV table stand

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TV table stand

Are you one of those people who does not like drilling holes into their wall? Or maybe you are not allowed to because of building restrictions? Are you also one of those people who, unfortunately, does not have the room for a large TV stand? At One For All we do not see this as a problem at all, but more so as an opportunity! Especially for those people who cannot or will not mount a television against the wall and cannot use a regular TV stand, we have created something special: our TV table stands! With one of our TV table stands you can easily place your television on your table, sideboard, TV cabinet or desk. In short, it does not matter where you place our TV table stand as long as it is a sturdy and flat surface you are good to go! So, are you looking for the ideal TV stand for your unique situation? Are you ready to uplift your television-viewing-experience once and for all? Then quickly take a look at all of the TV stands that One For All has to offer!

We, at One For All, believe that the use of high-quality materials, smart engineering features and a robust design will enhance the way that you watch television. All of our table TV stands are the perfect example of this. With one of these TV stands you not only enhance the look and feel of your interior, you also ensure yourself and your family of optimal support and the ideal television-viewing-height. Since our table TV stands give you a limitless freedom of movement you can swivel your TV up to 90° and tilt the screen up to 15°. Of course, you can also adjust the height to any position you like. This way you always have your television placed correctly at eye level and your neck will not hurt anymore! Another great thing about our special made table TV stands is that they are suited for all brands. So, it does not matter if you own a Philips, Sony, Samsung or Toshiba television, you are guaranteed that our TV table stand is the perfect fit!

Characteristics of our TV table stands

We have just mentioned a few of the unique features of our TV table stands, but there is so much more to tell about these amazing television stands! In short there are five things that deserve to be highlighted:

  • TV perfectly placed on eye level
  • Freedom of movement
  • Height adjustable in 5 positions
  • Handy cable management system
  • Always room for your Soundbar

When watching television, you have to make sure that your TV is placed on eye level (sometimes even higher). If you place your television correctly, your neck will be forever grateful! To make sure that you can achieve this perfect height, all or our TV table stands obtain up to 5 different height positions. To even enhance your television-viewing-experience even more, our TV stands allow absolute freedom of movement. This means that you can adjust the angle of your TV up to 90° horizontally and up to 15° vertically. With a TV table stand you can tilt and swift your television while still maintaining a modern look!

Another great thing you have to remember about the TV stands from One For All is that we guarantee a hassle-free installation. When you have ordered your new TV stand, the TV stand and all mounting materials and tools are delivered to your house. To make sure that the installation process is as easy as can be, you can install the TV stand without any help of a handyman or an electric drill. So, within just a matter of minutes your TV stand is ready for your television. Life could not be any easier! We do, however, advise you to read the corresponding manual accordingly. This way you do not miss any steps. If you find yourself having questions about the installation process or the TV table stand, please take a look at our FAQ-page. You can also contact us directly by using or telephone number. We always have a support team available who are ready to answer all of your questions!

Unique design for optimal support

All of the table TV stands that One For All has created obtain a unique design. The TV stands from our SOLID line all have a robust design that ensures optimal support. The TV stands can be placed perfectly on any flat and solid surface because of the strong, but subtle, base of the stands. You do not have to worry about the TV falling over—with one of our table top TV stands your television stands safe and secure. Another great thing about the base of our TV stands is that they are dust and fingerprint proof. So, you do not have to worry about cleaning the TV stand anytime soon, the stand itself will always look great. To make it even better, the base of the TV table stands are even resistant to scratches!

Choose your TV table stand at the One For All website

Do you own a television between 32” and 65” which weighs no more than 40 kg? And are you looking for a no-drill-solution to place your television in your living room, bedroom or kitchen? Do you also want a hassle-free installation process? Then the TV table stands from One For All are the ones that you are looking for! When you have found the perfect TV stand at our website you just got one step closer to creating a perfect television-viewing-experience. But, there is only one thing left, and that is to actually buy the TV stand. You can purchase the table TV stand easily through one of our retailers’ websites. If you follow the steps of the ordering process accordingly, you are just a few days away from receiving the TV stand! Enjoy the ultimate television-experience with a TV table stand from One For All!