Outdoor TV antennas

  • SV9357_main
    SV 9357
    Outdoor Yagi TV Antenna
    0 - 50 km
    • Excellent reception of Digital TV
    • Full HD Compatible
    • 100% water proof
    • 3G/4G/5G Filter

Outdoor TV antenna

When you own a great television set—one with all the new features and amazing image quality—you probably want to have great reception as well. Because even if your television has the most stylish design and the best sound system, if your favorite TV-programs are pictured with snowy-quality, you will not like your television set. To create the best television-viewing-experience as possible, your television has to have great reception. If you wish to create this ultimate-experience, you should go take a look at the TV antennas from One For All. We strive to create the best reception quality with crystal clear signals.

One For All has over 27 years of experience in creating user-friendly products, like our outside TV antennas. With one of our TV antennas, you do not only possess a great looking antenna, but you own one made with cutting-edge technology. With a TV antenna from One For All you are guaranteed with the best reception possible—all to ensure the ultimate-viewing-experience. Quickly take a look at all of our indoor television antennas and outdoor television antennas in our product range.

Choosing the right TV antenna

When you are buying a TV antenna, you have to choose between an indoor or outdoor TV antenna. You can even choose to buy an amplified or non-amplified TV antenna. If you do not know which one you should choose, there are a few guidelines that could be useful. The best pick for you depends on how far away your house is located from the nearest television transmitter.

So, to make this decision, we often use a few rules. When your house is located 15 miles or less away from the nearest transmitter tower, you should pick an indoor TV antenna. When you live 15 miles or more away from the tower, we recommend choosing an outdoor TV antenna. If you would like to get some advice on which antenna you should choose, you can use our Aerial Wizard to find the right antenna. Also, you can always contact us directly if you find yourself having troubles or if you cannot find the right answer on our website.

Characteristics of an outdoor TV antenna from One For All

When you buy an outdoor TV antenna from One For All, you are guaranteed of a few things. We always ensure a smart and clever design and an easy installation process. We also strive to give you a crystal clear signal and reception. All of our external TV antennas are created with the innovative technologies and therefore have the newest, and most modern features you can imagine. Thanks to these outstanding features and their great performance, the outside TV antennas form One For All differentiate themselves from their competition.

The outdoor digital TV antennas that we offer, can generate faultless reception up to 30 miles distance between the antenna and the broadcast transmitter. In addition, they are all designed to withstand the most heavy weather conditions (if installed correctly). It does not matter if there are (literal) snowstorms, heavy rainfall or strong gusts of winds—our outdoor TV antenna will resist these. Also, our TV antennas are all HD-ready and support full HD and even 4K Ultra HD television. Moreover, the outdoor antennas of One For All, each own a build in, 3G/4G/LTE block-filter. This way all mobile phone signals are shielded so that they cannot interfere with your television signal. And last but not least, our TV antennas are available for various ranges and are compatible with different signals. Thanks to all these features, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible reception—now and in the future.  

Reception of our outdoor TV antennas

One For All offers a few different outdoor TV antennas —all with different characteristics and varying reception ranges. All of our external TV antennas are suited for crystal clear reception up to 15 miles from the nearest broadcasting tower. We even offer a few antennas which still ensure great reception up to 30 miles from the broadcasting tower.

If you have made your choice for the best-fitting aerial based on the distance between your house and the transmitter—you can also choose if you would like to have an amplified or non-amplified TV antenna. Since, TV signals can be disturbed by mobile phones or Wi-Fi, choosing an amplified outdoor TV antenna could be smart. Especially, if you live in a crowded city with lots of people, the signals from the broadcasting tower can be contaminated—which results in poor TV-reception. Amplified TV antennas boost the reception quality of your TV antenna. When your house is located in a quiet area, and if you live closer to a broadcasting tower, you can choose a non-amplified TV antenna. After all, there are less buildings, and therefore a clearer line of sight to the transmitter. Thus, make sure that you choose wisely to create the best television-viewing-experience as possible.

Installing your outdoor TV antenna

At One For All we believe that installing your new outside TV antenna should be as easy as possible. Therefore, we have created an easy installation which only takes three simple steps. With every outside TV antenna you will receive an assemble package which contains cables, connectors and all fixing materials for a quick and easy setup.

When you install the outside TV antenna yourself, make sure that you are safe doing so. Therefore, determine that your roof is stable and that you map out where you are going to install the antenna. Nothing is more annoying than figuring this all out when you are standing on the roof and do not know where to install the antenna. Also, ask a handy friend, family member or neighbor for assistance. In short, it is important to put safety first.

Choose your new outdoor TV antenna now at the One For All website

If you have found the best outdoor TV antenna for your home, you are one step closer to creating the ultimate television-viewing-experience. The only thing left, is to complete the online purchase itself. You can buy the outside TV antenna easily through our website. By selection your favorite antenna and retailer, you will be redirected to the retailer’s website. There you can follow the steps accordingly and order your antenna.

Do you find yourself having trouble with the ordering process? Or would you like to have more information about the One For All outdoor digital antenna? Please take a look at our FAQ page to find the answer that you are looking for.