Tablet remote

URC 8800

Turn your tablet into a remote control for your TV, Satellite/Cable, DVD and more

Turn your tablet into an advanced remote control

The One For All NEVO Tablet Remote creates an instant connection between your tablet, TV, set-topbox, DVD and more. Download the free NEVO app for Apple and Android and within a few steps you have everything up and running.

We have created a WiFi bridge that communicates between your tablet and your home devices. You can control this WiFi bridge from the NEVO app that’s available for free. The tablet remote guarantees to work with all TV, DVD/Blue-ray brands and set-topboxes and many more.

The One For All NEVO Tablet Remote provides an extra way to control your devices individually, whilst introducing the option to combine the control of your devices together and browse the digital TV guide.

How does it work?

1. The NEVO Tablet Remote works with all iPads and Android Tablets (Samsung, Nexus, Asus and more). 
2. Download the NEVO App from the AppStore or Google Play onto your tablet.
3. Install the WiFi bridge in your network by simply pressing the WPS key on your router and on the bridge.
4. Place the WiFi bridge close to your home entertainment devices.
5. Open the NEVO App, select your home devices you want to control and you are ready to go!

Simplified Control

Simplified Control

Utilising the flexibility of your tablet screen, the NEVO App helps to combine all relevant keys of the different devices you want to control onto one screen with easily readable buttons. For example; to switch on your equipment, all power buttons and inputs are shown on one screen.

Content Control

The NEVO app provides access to an advanced Electronic Program Guide that gives you access to up to 2 weeks of full program information from over 150 different providers. Not only does it show you what’s on, it gives a description of the show, movie or program and even provides lots of background information like cast & crew info and program images. And if you like what you see, just press WATCH NOW and the App will send you the specific number of the channel you want to watch.

One Touch Activity control

One Touch Activity control

Press WATCH MOVIE and you automatically switch on the TV, the Blu-ray player, select the right HDMI input, switch on your amplifier and start playing the movie.


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     Why buy One For All

  • The world leader in remote controls
  • Selling 200 Million remotes a year
  • Over 25 years experience in wireless technology

    The One For All devices code database is the largest and most comprehensive in the world. You have access to over 300.000 models, covering more than 6.000 brands. The database is 100% based on orginal manufactured data and therefore guarantees 100% support of all functions. One For All universal remote controls guaranteed to work all brands.

Additional Information

Product code URC 8800
Tablet & Smartphone Remote
Works with current and future devices
Customizable screen
Teletext / fasttext
Controls multiple devices types at the same time
Control from my tablet
Batteries No
Display N/A
Internet Upgradable N/A
Operation System support N/A
No. of devices 11
Satellite/Cable/DVB-T/IPTV receiver
Freeview / TNT / TDT / DTT
DVD/Blu-ray player
Amplifier/Tuner/Home Cinema/Soundbar/Hi-Fi
iPod/iPhone/iPad/ MP3/MP4 docking station
Media center/media player/Home Theatre PC/Game console
Video Cassette Recorder


  • Which tablets are supported?

    The Tablet Remote is designed to work with both iPad and Android tablets.

    For the iPad, iOS version 5.1 or higher is required. For Android tablets, Android 4.0 (Honeycomb) or higher is required.

    Currently, only tablets with a screen resolution of 1280x800 are supported.

    Please refer to the technical specifications of your tablet to determine if you meet the minimum requirements.

  • What else is required to use the tablet remote?

    A wireless network (B/G/N) supporting WEP, WPA or WPA-2 encryption.

    For the initial setup, a router supporting WPS (or equivalent) or direct LAN connection to your PC is required.

  • What is the recommended resolution for the Nevo App for Android tablets?

    The Nevo app is optimized for a resolution of 1280 x 800. Lower resolutions are not supported and higher resolutions may not be displayed properly.

  • Can I use my Apple TV with the Nevo app?

    Yes, this is possible.

    To do so, please select "Add Device" followed by "Other Devices" and scroll down to "Video Accessories". From there, please select "Streaming Video" and choose the brand "Apple".

  • How can I enter a four-digit One For All code directly into the Nevo app?

    If you know your setup code, you can enter this code as following:
    1. In the top right corner, press the Menu button and select "Add device"
    2. Choose the device type you have
    3. Select your brand
    4. After selecting your brand, on the next page at the bottom an option called "Enter Direct Setup Code"
    5. In the empty field, enter the code you have found and press "Finish"

    The code is now stored and can be used on the Nevo App.

    If you don't know your setup code, please use the "Find your setup code" tab above and enter the exact make and model number of your device.

  • Is there a list of direct set up codes?

    No, such a list does not exist, because there are several thousand different codes for an even larger amount of makes and model numbers they are created for. On top of that, the list changes on daily basis.

    If you are looking for your set up code, please use the "Find your setup code" tab above and enter the exact make and model number of your device.

  • When I connect the bridge to my laptop/PC via the supplied cable and type into my browser, I do not see the first page of the wizard.

    First, ensure there is no other wired or wireless connection active on your PC. This can also include any VPN connection.
    Next, make sure that your computer can automatically obtain IP settings. In Windows, this can be found under TCP/IP4 settings.

    On Mac, add a New Network in the Network Settings and set the network protocol to DHCP (default). Next you can use Safari to connect to the bridge.

    If you have previously set up the bridge on a different wireless network, or if the router settings have been changed, please perform a reset on the Bridge instead, and run the setup procedure again.

  • "How can I add missing functions or change the name of a key? Previously: ""How do I change the name of a button?"" "

    New buttons can be added by holding down the remote control layout on the left side of screen in the desired area you wish to add a button. Slide up and select "Edit Buttons". Now, select an unused button, hold it down and slide to "Edit function". A drop down menu will appear, giving you a selection of functions to choose from. Select the one you want to add and press "Finish" to confirm.

    You can also change the label of a button by pressing down on the desired key (after selecting "Edit Buttons"). Next, slide to "Edit Text". Now you can rename the key and confirm the changes by pressing "OK".

  • Can I learn missing functions from the original remote to my Nevo app?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to learn any functions onto the Nevo App.

    If you are looking to add a particular function, please read the FAQ "How can I add missing functions or change the name of a key?"

  • Which device type should I select in the Nevo App to control a Media Center?

    For Media Centers, please select "Streaming Video" as the device type.

    You can do this by navigating to "Add Device", select "Other Devices" and scroll down to "Video Accessories" selecting "Streaming Video". From there you can select your brand.

  • I don’t see some inputs for my Audio system

    Some inputs my appear as keys labeled "Discrete Input" in the Nevo App.

    If you want to rename one of these inputs, please read the FAQ: "How do I change the name of a label?"

  • What happens if I change my router and/or password?

    In order to connect to the wireless network using your new router settings, the Tablet Remote Bridge will need to be reset and you will have to follow the initial setup again.

  • How do I reset the bridge?

    Make sure the Bridge is still connected to the power supply before attempting to reset it. Use a pen or pencil to hold down the reset button for 5 seconds. You should hear and feel a click while doing so.

    When releasing the button after 5 seconds, you should see the blue lights on the side of the Bridge flashing. You can now follow the initial procedure again as described in the manual.

  • After running the setup wizard, the Nevo app does not find the IR Bridge.

    If the wizard was successful and the bridge is now part of your wireless network, the WLAN icon on the front of the bridge should be lit. See below:




    If it is not lit, something may have gone wrong during the wizard, for example a type error in the password for your wireless network. Please reset the bridge and try the wizard again by connecting to your PC and please double check the password on the last screen of the wizard. A short while after the wizard is complete, the WLAN icon should light up.

  • How do I program my code?

    Please use our "Find your Setup Code" tool. Here, you can find the right code, and you'll also find the right programming procedure for your remote control.

  • Where can I find the right code for my device, to install onto my One For All remote?

    Please use our "Find your Setup Code" tool. Here, you can find the right code, and you'll also find the right programming procedure for your remote control

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