Smart TV antennas

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Smart TV antennas

Today, there is little to no chance that you do not own a smart TV. With all of the new and innovative technologies out there, it was not possible for One For All to be left behind. To make sure that all of our products are still up-to-date, we have created unique TV antennas suited for smart TVs. Even though smart TVs allow you to watch television through online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it does not fully replace traditional television. When you watch television programs (so, not via the internet), you still should be able to enjoy a high picture quality and crystal clear reception. Thanks to the best antennas for smart TV from One For All you are getting the best television-viewing-experience as possible.

Our smart TV antennas can be divided into three main categories: indoor and outdoor antennas. If you are not sure which TV aerial fits your home situation best, you can use our antenna selector for some guidance. After filling in some questions, our selector will present you with the TV antenna that best fits your needs. Even though all of our aerials have different features and characteristics, there is some overlap. So, it does not matter which smart TV antenna you choose, all of our aerials are HD-ready. Some of them even support full HD and 4K Ultra HD television. Another overlapping feature is their unique 3G/4G/LTE block-filter. Due to this build in filter, all mobile phone signals are shielded. This means that these signals cannot interfere with the television signals—so, you get the best possible television reception!

Choose your new TV antenna for smart TV at the One For All website

Were you able to find the right TV antenna for your smart television? Then you are just a few simple steps away from ordering your new TV aerial! By selecting your new smart TV antenna and choosing between one of our retailers, you will be redirected to the retailers’ website. On the retailers’ website you can follow the steps of the ordering process accordingly, and then you have completed your purchase! If you have any trouble with finding the right antenna or with the ordering process, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us directly by using our telephone number.