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Digital antenna

To create the best television-viewing-experience as possible, you have to own a digital antenna. There are a lot of antennas on the market which allow you to receive good television reception, but if you want to watch your favorite television shows with crystal clear reception, you have to own a digital TV antenna from One For All. At One For All we strive to give you the best reception quality as possible. Only this way you can create an ultimate-television-experience. So, get rid of you current TV antenna, if it gives you snowy-quality, and take a look at the digital TV antennas that One For All has to offer. 

We, at One For All, like to banish signal interference once and for all. Nothing is more annoying than getting faulty reception and a bad signal strength. With over 27 years of experience we have created indoor and outdoor digital TV antenna that maximize reception quality. Also, all of our antennas are made with cutting-edge technology, are user-friendly and obtain a modern and stylish design. So, with a digital TV antenna from One For All you do not only possess a great looking antenna, but you are also guaranteed of the best reception as possible. Take a quick look at all of the indoor digital antennas and outdoor digital antennas that One For All offers.

Choosing the right digital TV antenna

Once you made the choice to buy one of the digital TV antennas from One For All, you are pretty much half way there! However, there are some choices still to be made. For example, when you buy a TV antenna, you have to choose between an indoor or outdoor digital TV antenna. Also, you have to decide whether you would like your TV antenna to be amplified or non-amplified. We will list a few guidelines that you can follow to make the right decision. Just remember, there is always one guarantee when buying an antenna from One For All—you will receive the best reception quality as possible. 

When choosing the right antenna TV aerial for you, the most important factor is the distance between your house and the nearest broadcasting tower. The rule of thumb that we use is the following: when your house is located 15 miles or further away from the broadcasting tower, we recommend choosing an outdoor TV digital antenna. If you live close by a transmitting tower, such as 15 miles or less, a One For All indoor digital TV antennas could be perfect for you. If you have trouble deciding which is the best digital TV aerial for you, you can always use our Aerial Wizard to find the right antenna. Also, feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about the different characteristics of our antennas. For questions you can visit our support page.

Reception of our digital antennas

As mentioned before, you do not just choose between an indoor or outdoor TV antenna, you also have to decide if your antenna should be amplified or non-amplified. An amplifier basically improves the signal range of your antenna. This amplifier can make the difference to receive a certain channel (or not). Also, the picture quality can be improved when using an amplifier. When you live in a crowded area with a lot of high buildings (like apartments or flats) or in a mountainous area—we definitely advice to buy an amplified TV antenna instead of a non-amplified antenna. When you live in a relatively ‘flat’ area, or if you live in a quiet city, a non-amplified TV aerial works just as great. So, be mindful about how many (high) buildings and people are located in your hometown—only then you know all the factors and you can choose the best digital aerial for you.

Characteristics of digital TV antenna from One For All

With the digital TV antenna from One For All, you are not only guaranteed of crystal clear reception, but there are some other benefits as well. All of our TV antennas are created with innovative technologies in mind. Therefore, all of our digital TV antennas obtain the newest and most modern features. Above all, all aerials have an unique design which gives every room a stylish and modern look. These are just some of the characteristics which make our digital TV aerials differentiate themselves from the competition.

Depending on which digital TV antenna from One For All you choose, there are some differences within the characteristics. For example, if you choose one of our indoor TV antennas, you will receive the best possible reception up to 15 miles—this is the distance between the antenna and the transmitter tower. When you choose one of our outdoor TV antennas, this distance is even greater, namely up to 30 miles. But for all of our aerials, there are some overlapping features. All of our digital television antennas are HD-ready and some of them also support full HD and 4K Ultra HD television. Another corresponding feature is their 3G/4G/LTE block-filter. Thanks to this build in block-filter, mobile phone signals are shielded—this way these signals will not contaminate the television signals. In short, with a digital TV antenna from One For All you can create the best-television-viewing-experience as possible. Now and in the future.

Choose your new digital TV antenna now at the One For All website

Have you made your decision for the best digital antenna? Do you know if you need an indoor or outdoor TV antenna? Have you also made a decision between one of our amplified or non-amplified antennas? Then, the only thing left for you to do is to complete the online purchase on one of our retailers’ website. Just follow the steps of the ordering process accordingly and then, within a few days you are the proud owner of a new digital TV antenna!