Sony Replacement Remote

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    Sony TV Replacement Remote
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    • No setup required
    • Works with all types of Sony TVs
    • Learning feature
    • Keys include common Sony functions + 3 app shortcut keys

Sony replacement remote

Does your current Sony TV remote not work properly anymore? Did you break or lose your original Sony TV remote control? In both of these cases, you do not have to worry any longer! At the One For All website your will find the perfect Sony replacement remote. Since there is no setup required, you can start watching television immediately with a replacement remote from One For All! You also do not have to worry about owning the right Sony TV model. Our Sony replacement remote is 100% guaranteed to work with all Sony TV models. It does not matter if you own a Sony LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED or a QLED model—our remotes are always compatible! The only thing that you need to do is to insert 2 (working) AAA batteries.

At the One For All website you will find all different kinds of replacement remote controls. In our large product range you will also find the perfect replacement remote for your Sony television. One of the unique features of our replacement remotes controls is that their keypad includes all the same functions as the original TV remotes do. Therefore, our Sony replacement remote supports all common functions like Theatre, i-Manual and Options. There is just one other thing that makes the replacement remotes from One For All unique—their special ‘learning feature’. With this learning feature you are able to make your remote ‘learn’ new functions. Are you interested in learning more about the special features of our Sony TV remote replacements? Take a look at the replacement remote controls from One For All and choose your favourite!

Characteristics and controls of a Sony TV remote control replacement

We at One For All try to deliver simple solutions by introducing meaningful innovations. Over 27 years we have strived to create the most user-friendly-products—and we believe that our Sony TV replacement remote is the perfect example of this. We believe that ultimate home comfort is not something you should have to figure out yourself, it is just something that you should be able to enjoy! To make our replacement TV remotes as easy in their use as possible, our Sony replacement remote obtains the exact same functions as the original TV remotes. You do not have to learn anything new, you can just start watching television by pressing the same buttons as you are used to.

Even though the keys of the Sony TV replacement remote includes all common Sony functions, there is one other unique function that the original remote does not have: the learning feature. The Sony replacement remotes from One For All can learn any function from your original remote control. Thanks to this unique feature, the replacement remote can ‘learn’ any of the functions that are missing from your original remote. It is therefore important that you still own your original Sony TV remote—so, do not throw it away before you use the learning feature. How you can make your Sony replacement remote ‘learn’ new functions, is explained in the added manual. Before you start with the learning process, make sure that both the replacement remote as the original remote has working batteries in them. Also, as explained in the manual, make sure that both remotes are laying on a flat surface and are pointing towards each other (preferably no further than 3 cm distance between them). If wish to delete one of the learned features, you can also fall back on the manual. If you have any questions about how to implement the learning feature, or on how to delete learned functions, please take a look at our support page. If you cannot find the right answer to your questions on our support page, you can also contact us directly by phone.

Choose your Sony TV remote control replacement now at the One For All website

If you original Sony TV remote is broken, or if you have lost the original remote, you may be looking for a new one. At the One For All website you can find the perfect Sony TV replacement remote control. If you have found the remote that best fits your needs and TV brand, you can follow the steps of the ordering process accordingly. You will be redirected to one of our retailers’ websites where you can complete the purchase. Within a few days, you will be the lucky owner of a Sony replacement remote!